Plants need light. Without it, they will not be able to exist and will soon wither away. Good lighting should be not only in greenhouses, but also in ordinary houses, where people often grow seedlings for the summer. A professional photo light can be expensive. But don’t worry, because it’s easy to do it yourself.


  • a Materials and tools needed
  • 2 How to DIY
    • 2.1 Method number 1
    • 2.2 Method number 2

Materials and tools needed

Many people use LED lights because they are the most practical and the cheapest. The success of such a design depends on the correct setting of the color spectrum. If the plants have just started growing, they need red and blue LEDs. The light is emitted by a cone. They should spread evenly and overlap slightly. As for the aspect ratio, it is always taken two for one. For example, two colors blue and one red or vice versa.

As soon as the plants have grown, they no longer need active light, so the proportions are reduced to 1 to 1.

To make a lamp from seedlings you will need:

  1. The body of an old lamp that is no longer in use. The most suitable option would be fluorescent.
  2. 2 pieces of LED drive, as well as a PWM control driver.
  3. 10 “morning light” LEDs, 20 blue, 30 red, 10 noon and 20 white.
  4. Glue.

Now you can start creating the photo lamp itself.

How to DIY

Method number 1

First you need to take a fluorescent lamp and start attaching diodes to it. It is best to use hot glue. It is resistant to high humidity and sudden temperature changes in the room. After that, it is necessary to correctly install the circuit breaker and fix the electrical circuit. If a person does not have experience, it is better to seek help from professionals or watch video tutorials on the Internet. The procedure will be clearly indicated there.

If everything was done correctly, you can connect the device to a common electrical network.

Method number 2

For the second method, you will need to take:

  • cooler;
  • housing for an unused fluorescent lamp;
  • 2 inverters for 24 and 12 Volts;
  • an anodized aluminum strip;
  • two red and blue colored LED matrices.

After all the materials have been collected, you can start creating the device itself.

The assembly order is as follows:

  1. First you need to solder the wires to the dies. Polarity must be taken into account.
  2. Now the assembled structure must be connected to the power supply. Its power must be chosen taking into account all the LEDs used. If there is not enough power, the photolamp will simply not work.
  3. An aluminum strip is attached to the free space inside the lamp, and a cooler is attached to it. It will serve as cooling for the LEDs. Nearby you need to put a 12 volt power supply.
  4. There must be holes on the main body to let the hot air out. If not, you need to drill.
  5. Most of the work is done. It remains only to fix the LEDs with glue and give the strip a certain shape so that the light spreads evenly.

Do-it-yourself photo lamp is ready. The creation process can be difficult for beginners, but don’t worry, because there are detailed instructions on the Internet. Making such a lamp on your own is within everyone’s reach.