DIY Pixel phone repairs in short will be much easier – yes or no

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung, Google has announced a parking garage pixel Smartphone. Late last year, Apple made some of the most significant changes to its corporate philosophy by announcing that it would be selling spare parts from its official store and repair manual to help iPhone owners keep their smartphones safe.

This was followed by Samsung’s announcement of its own auto repair program in partnership with iFixit, a popular online repair parts retailer. In agreement with the companies, the program will not only facilitate getting good parts from customers, but also help them to provide step-by-step repair guides and the necessary tools to perform these repairs.

Google is now also advertising Stop iFixit to sell official repair parts for your Pixel phones. The program will go live this year in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and European countries where Pixel devices are sold. It is hoped that the decision will be easier for masons and remote offices to place Pixel-powered devices without having to go to an official service center. The program covers a wide range of Pixel models, from Pixel 2 to Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, as well as future Pixel phones. According to Google, the battery, replacement fabric, camera and other parts are available separately or as part of an iFixit kit, which includes the necessary tools to complete the repair. These pieces will be available on the official iFixit website. Google explains that the availability of easier repairs not only extends the life of the gadget and is more economical for users, but is also a more environmentally friendly option.

For the vast majority of people who don’t want to focus on their smartphones, Google says it will continue to guarantee that they already have their devices in a fast and accessible way. To that end, the company has set up packages with independent repair providers, such as uBreakiFix, which has more than 750 locations in the US and Canada. The company also has similar partnerships with other repair suppliers in Europe, Japan and other places.

Google also plans to expand the availability of training, documentation, tools and repair parts it currently offers to its authorized repair partners. The company supplied the necessary software to calibrate the new digital image sensor in the installation. This is important because previous reports suggest that purchasing pixels 6 The fabric attached the digital image scanner to the fabric of the devices.

source: google

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