The wheel is the weakest point of any computer mouse. If it suddenly stopped working, you should not rush to the workshop or get rid of the device. It can be repaired by hand. This is what will be discussed in this article – readers will receive useful tips regarding the repair of wheels, the implementation of which does not require repair experience.

The wheel spins freely, but the computer does not react in any way

The procedure for performing such work is as follows.

First you need to unscrew the screws (if any) and remove the computer mouse cover.

Next, you need to inspect the wheel itself. If you can see a broken hex point, then fear not, it can be fixed. Carefully remove the wheel from where it is.

Now you need to take an ordinary iron paperclip. Then you need to gently straighten it, bend it in half, and then twist it.

Then we take the cutting pliers in our hands and break off everything unnecessary. The rolled paper clip should fit completely into the wheel and protrude 2mm on one side. You can increase the length by a few millimeters.

We take pliers and clamp them with the part that was recently cut off. We bring a paperclip to a gas burner and heat the tip until redness appears. You can use a lighter instead of the burner. Now the red tip should be melted in the center of the wheel, exactly where the break occurred. If there is enough force, the wheel can be returned to its original place.

We check the performance of the mechanism. To do this, simply scroll the mouse wheel with your finger once. If a foreign sound is heard at the same time, the clip may be too long. It needs to be shortened. We collect the mouse and appreciate the quality work.

But this is far from the only reason why the mouse wheel starts to malfunction.

When scrolling, there is a kind of “shaking” of the image

The solution to the problem is as follows. It is necessary to unscrew all the screws available in the structure and remove the cover. We do this as carefully as possible, because cheap mice use thin plastic, which is easy to break with clumsy movements.

After removing the cover, you can see the mechanism with 4 clips. They are exactly what we need. You should try to press the clamps as firmly as possible, but not too hard, as they are easy to break. If that doesn’t help, it’s worth putting a little pad of electrical tape in the middle of the clamps. So the mouse wheel pin will fit perfectly.

That’s all the ways to fix. They are as simple as possible and require minimal effort.

How to configure a mouse wheel on a computer

Sometimes the mouse wheel does not work properly due to incorrect settings made in the operating system itself.

You can check them as follows. You need to go to the “Control Panel” and select “Mouse”. In Windows 10, you can enter the desired word in the search field. The user will see a menu with the wheel scroll setting. Here you can choose horizontal or vertical scrolling.

Also, on some computers, the function of scrolling the entire screen in one scroll is available. The user selects all numerical values ​​in the corresponding subsection to customize the computer mouse wheel for himself.

Repairing a mouse with your own hands is as easy and simple as possible. It does not require any special tools or knowledge. Just use the tips suggested in the article.