Drilling holes is not the most difficult process, but for a quality result it is very important to correctly mark the location of future processing points. Doing this with a hand tool is too laborious work. Also, when marking manually, accuracy often suffers, especially if you have to perform the operation repeatedly. A laser pointer to a drill will minimize the effort and time spent on the procedure, and you can build and mount it yourself. With such a device, it will only take a few seconds to prepare for drilling.

Materials and tools needed

For the manufacture will require the following materials and components:

  • board or block of wood;
  • double-sided tape;
  • a pair of laser LEDs;
  • 3V button battery;
  • a transparent plastic box with a lid;
  • change.

Of the working tools you need a saw, a drill, a wallpaper knife, a grinding wheel and a soldering iron. In most workshops, everything you need is available, but if necessary, materials can be purchased inexpensively at any hardware store.

Manufacturing instructions

First, you need to saw off a few pieces of the same size from a block of wood or a board. In each of them, a hole of the same cross section is drilled, positioned closer to the edge.

The details are sanded to provide the smoothest possible surface, pleasant to the touch and devoid of chips. Next, you need to cut a few strips of tape, alternately wrap the first and second LEDs, and then insert them into the holes made in the blanks.

With the same tape, the bars are fixed on the spindle limiter, which has a static design. A right angle should be maintained between blanks with LEDs.

After that, it is necessary to place a point on the part, the position of which is determined by the intersection of a pair of lines. Then it is combined with the visual intersection of the beams created by the laser light emitting diodes. If the points match, the hole creation center is found and you can start drilling. The procedure itself is necessary to determine the health of the system.

The next step is to install and connect the switch. The element must have a two-position structure: the laser beams are switched on in one position and, on the contrary, they are switched off in the other.

To place the switch, use a plastic box by drilling a hole in the bottom with a small drill. When installing, it is important to ensure that the 0-1 button is not placed inside, but outside. The connection wires are introduced from the side into a hole specially designed for this purpose.

After that, one of the most difficult tasks is performed – soldering. The positive wire of the power source is connected to the positive terminal of the LED, the negative wire of the battery is connected to the switch, and it is connected to the LED with a minus mark. The design should be closed from dust and moisture; for this, a plastic box cover is used. The latter is fixed on the body of the machine tool so that it cannot be accidentally touched, damaged in any other way, and dust and dirt do not get inside. You can also secure the box with double-sided tape.

Making a laser pointer for a drill is a relatively simple task. The procedure takes from 20 to 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the availability of tools and skills. The most difficult stage is connecting the wires, otherwise even a person without any experience in radio engineering and electronics will cope with the task.