It is advisable to install a special meter on the walk-behind tractor, which will tell the user the speed, as well as the mileage of the equipment used. You can make such a counter yourself from a special device called a bicycle computer and is often used by cyclists on long trips or on bicycles.

Materials and tools needed

Bike computers are special, small-sized devices. They are able to record the main parameters of the vehicle during its movement (speed, distance traveled by the vehicle). There are a large number of different models of bicycle computers. However, the principle of operation of such devices is the same.

They are equipped with a special magnetic sensor consisting of 2 components – a magnet installed directly on the wheel of the vehicle itself, as well as a sensor fixed on the surface of the fork. Thanks to the magnet, the sensor is able to record the complete revolution of the wheel and thus calculate the speed of the vehicle and the distance traveled by it.

To install a bike computer on a walk-behind tractor, you do not need a large number of tools and materials. When installing such equipment, the following consumables and tools will be required:

  • bicycle computer (the average cost of the simplest model varies from 500 to 1000 rubles);
  • a set of fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers);
  • a bunch of keys;
  • metal plate;
  • knitting needle (you can take a broken knitting needle from an old bicycle);
  • screeds;
  • pliers (metal).

It should be noted that after installing the bicycle computer, in order to display the correct information that it will display during the movement of equipment, the following indicators must be entered into the memory of the device – the speed and wheel diameter of the drive-behind tractor. When choosing a model of a bicycle computer, you should pay attention to such nuances as the specifics and frequency of riding, as well as the presence of additional features. To display such parameters as speed and mileage during the trip, basic and budget computer models are perfect.

How to DIY

The process of mounting a bike computer on a walk-behind tractor will not take much time and will not require the use of an expensive special tool. To install such equipment, you must first take the plate and, using a fastener, attach the sensor magnet to one end. Then it is necessary to remove one wheel from the walk-behind tractor and fix the plate with a magnetic pickup on the fork with a bolt and nut.

Then you need to cut off a piece of the knitting needle to install a magnet on it. The spoke size used must match the distance between the magnet mounted on the wheel and the magnetic pick-up located on the fork. Then, using two metal pliers, the spoke of the magnets must be installed on the axle of the removed wheel. The spoke must be tightened at the end of the collar, in its upper part, with a bolt, several washers and a nut. For more reliable fixing of the spokes, it is recommended to make a special groove in the washers.

Then the wheelbase must be fixed on the output shaft with a cotter pin and the distance between the receiving sensor and the magnet must be corrected. In the last stage of the installation, you must enter the operating parameters of the device used (wheel diameter) into the bicycle computer in order to display the correct data regarding the speed of movement and the distance traveled. .