In the cold season, every motorist faced the problem of a steering wheel that cooled down overnight. After a freezing night, the bagel is like ice cream to the touch. In such conditions, riding is not only uncomfortable, but even dangerous – fingers are cramped and gloves or mittens can slip off. The solution is known – self-heating of the steering wheel. In this case, it is not necessary to contact a car service and overpay. Consider heater methods that are inexpensive and easy to perform.


  • a The easiest and cheapest method
  • 2 What is needed for an electric heater?
  • 3 Heat conductive filament
    • 3.1 Instruction
  • 4 Carbon yarn on fabric backing
  • five Adhesive-based heat-conducting yarn
  • 6 Which option is the most effective?

The easiest and cheapest method

If the car does not have a heated steering wheel, you can take a foam pipe, which is used to insulate the plumbing pipes. It is necessary to make an incision along it and fix it on the steering wheel. It may not look great and there’s no real heating, but it will help protect your hands in freezing weather. Moreover, this method is within everyone’s reach and is applicable in a car of any brand.

What is needed for an electric heater?

To install an automatic heater, the design of the steering wheel must have a contact steering mechanism. In the people it is called “snail”. As well as the presence of free conductive strips, to which the system will be connected. If there are no spare strips, you can connect an additional new or used cable.

If all the conditions are met, we proceed to the choice of the heating method.

Heat conductive filament

This is the cheapest option – the yarn is wrapped around the steering wheel, then the braid is turned over. A linear meter of this material costs about 4 rubles. When choosing, preference should be given to thinner threads. A thick thread will show through the braid and will be felt to the touch.

The length also depends on the thickness – the thinner the thread, the longer the length can be. With an input voltage of 30 volts, the output should have a resistance of about 20 to 40 ohms. It will depend on the strength of the heating. A multimeter will help determine the appropriate length of the wire – you need to connect the contacts to the wire and catch the desired indicator.


  1. Remove the original braid.
  2. In order for the thread not to come out and hold tight, you need to coat the surface with polyurethane glue.
  3. Wrap the yarn. When winding, the distance between the turns should be about 5 mm. Then everything is fixed with an elastic bandage.

Carbon yarn on fabric backing

For such material you will have to pay 1500 rubles or more. But it is not necessary to wind the wire, because you can simply wrap the steering wheel with a cloth. However, experts talk about the drawbacks of this method – you may need to change the steering wheel sheath, as it will become thicker. In addition, the universal system is not suitable for any model, it is impossible to adjust it so that the steering wheel warms up over the entire surface.

Installation requires some dexterity – you need to roll up the steering wheel and glue the edges of the fabric.

Adhesive-based heat-conducting yarn

This is the fastest option to install, as the material simply needs to be glued. In addition, such a substrate is very thin and will not be felt even when using an old braid. However, its cost starts from 2000 rubles.

For installation, just remove the protective film and stick the adhesive tape on the steering wheel without braid.

Then the braid is put back in place. This will require sewing skills.

Which option is the most effective?

In the project “Most useful program” a verification test of the above types of self-heating was carried out. The best option turned out to be a simple heat-conducting wire. A flywheel with such a winding heats up over the entire surface and is twice as fast as others.

As you can see, making an electric heated steering wheel is easy, inexpensive and within reach of every motorist. You should not overpay for ready-made kits, it is better to spend time and get a good result.