If a person has poultry, he knows for sure how difficult it is to remove feathers from carcasses. If there are few birds, there will be no particular problems. First, the carcass is doused with boiling water, then delicately plucked. For a large number of birds, this method is not suitable. Do not buy special equipment and spend a lot of money on it. You can make a removable machine with your own hands from an old washing machine.


  • a The principle of operation of the device
  • 2 Detailed manufacturing instructions
    • 2.1 Turn a washing machine into a removable machine
    • 2.2 Assembly of the device
    • 2.3 Exit

The principle of operation of the device

To begin with, it is worth understanding how exactly the machine works. It consists of a special container, on the sides of which there are rubber pins with a ribbed surface, which allows you to effectively capture feathers of any length. The bottom of the device rotates continuously. A scalded carcass is placed inside the machine and the process begins.

To create a pen tool, you can use an old automatic or semi-automatic washing machine. It can be both frontal and vertical.

Detailed manufacturing instructions

Before starting work, it is necessary to create a drawing of the device and an exact plan. Thanks to him, the creative process will go faster, and a person will be able to purchase all the missing materials in advance. To work you will need the following tools:

  1. Rubber beaters.
  2. Hammer.
  3. Pliers.
  4. Keys of different sizes.
  5. Drill with a special step drill.
  6. Bulgarian.
  7. A marker to create annotations or marks on the device itself.
  8. End keys.

The list of tools can be updated as needed. Now is the time to start modifying the washing machine.

Turn a washing machine into a removable machine

It is necessary to remove the motor from the body of the washing machine. During the operation of the removable pen device, water will begin to flow through the holes, just in the places where the motor is located. This should never be allowed.

It is necessary to remove the bottom and disconnect the motor. Other actions will look like this:

  1. It is necessary to remove the activator with a drive and get rid of all electrical parts.
  2. As soon as the washing machine is ready, you need to take the shower head and put a rubber hose on it.

The last point will be useful later.

Assembly of the device

It’s time to start creating a pen removal machine. The procedure is as follows:

  1. First you need to create a support for the engine. It can be a steel beam or a corner.
  2. Then comes the connection of the motor to the electrical network. At this point you have to be extremely careful, jokes are bad with electricity.
  3. For the finished device, you need to build a stand from metal corners. The picking machine should be located at a sufficient distance from the ground.
  4. The design will not work without a pulley. They can be taken in the same washing machine.
  5. A large pulley is placed on the shaft of the activator, and a small one on the motor itself.
  6. The pulleys must be connected by a belt. Because of this, the bottom of the device will start to spin.
  7. Make sure that all parts of the device are securely fastened. If not, at high speeds the picking machine may collapse.

The final stage will be the installation of rubber beaters. To do this, it is necessary to make holes in the tank, which should already fight a few millimeters. You also need to drill holes for the water to drain out.


Making a do-it-yourself pen removal machine is quite simple. You just need to make the right plan and do everything strictly according to the instructions.