Every year, a large number of various fishing tackle appears on the market, the use of which greatly simplifies fishing, and also increases the chances of repeatedly catching a trophy specimen and not being left without a catch. Unique fishing gear, which is just beginning to become popular and recognizable among anglers, should include a winter electronic fishing rod.

For most people, especially for inexperienced anglers, the phrase in the name – electronic fishing rod, causes a double feeling. It should be noted right away that the winter electronic fishing rod is not poaching equipment and is allowed to be used in reservoirs for fishing.

The electronic winter fishing rod is a symbiosis of traditional equipment for catching fish in winter, together with the most advanced modern technologies. Such a device will be particularly relevant for winter fishing enthusiasts with disabilities. After all, this fishing rod is equipped with a special snap, which works thanks to automation.

You can buy such equipment for winter fishing in specialized stores. However, such an electronic fishing rod for winter fishing can be made independently, while saving a lot of money.

Materials and tools needed

It is not difficult to make an electronic fishing rod to catch fish by yourself in winter. It does not require the use of a variety of expensive spare parts, components or a specific tool. For the manufacture of such equipment, the following tools and materials will be required:

  • a simple and functional model of an electric toothbrush (you can take an old toothbrush, the main thing is that the electric motor of this device works);
  • cold welding (necessary for fixing a variety of gear structural elements);
  • a nod to winter fishing rods;
  • whip;
  • reel.

Thanks to a homemade winter electronic fishing rod, the process of playing mormyshka while catching fish will be automated. After all, for a successful catch, the fisherman needs to play with a mormyshka, while maintaining a certain range of motion, which is far from always possible to do, standing in the cold for a long time near the hole.

How to DIY

After all the necessary materials and tools have been prepared, you can start making this unusual equipment, probably for many lovers of winter fishing – unusual equipment. First you need to take the coil, carefully saw it into two parts, and then attach it to one side of the electric toothbrush. To make the resulting design convenient to use and reliable, a small-diameter hole can be made in the brush to fix the coil.

Next, in the hole made on the brush on the other side, you need to put a small whip. The whip must be attached to the surface of the brush by cold welding. Such welding can be purchased at any auto store. After that, you need to wind the fishing line, tie the mormyshka. As a battery, for such a device, an ordinary finger-type battery is used. The principle of operation of this homemade electronic fishing rod for winter fishing is quite simple – when you turn on the electric motor begins to work, and the whip, in turn, vibrates. The vibration that occurs on the whip will immediately begin to be transmitted to the mormyshka, thereby ensuring its uniform range of motion.

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade

The main advantage of such a homemade product, compared to factory models, is its cost-effectiveness. After all, for the manufacture of such a fishing rod you do not need to purchase expensive materials and tools. In addition, this equipment is easy to manufacture and practical during fishing.

However, such a homemade fishing rod has some drawbacks. The main disadvantage of such equipment, intended for winter fishing, is that, compared to factory models, such a homemade product does not have the ability to regulate the speed of the electric motor. Simply put, the user will not be able to independently adjust the amplitude and strength of the vibrations applied to the mormyshka. In addition, compared to factory models, such a home-made device will differ, to put it mildly, not in high aesthetic appearance.