Does the iPhone 13 have MagSafe? Here’s what you need to know

maçãThe MagSafe accessory system is a great resource from the 2020 iPhone 12 line, but is it still present in our more recent iPhone 13 phones? Embora is not drastically changing the size of the iPhone, the iPhone 12 series, through a series of notable updates to the iconic Apple smartphone. He stole the “mini” and 5G models, restored an unused board design from the iPhone 5S, and installed MagSafe for the iPhone. Regardless of the iPhone’s annual update, the iPhone 12 guarantees that changes are immediately acceptable.

That’s what we have on the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 series is Apple’s most recent offering and, in a nutshell, the series is muito known. The overall design is practically the same, with the new A15 chip using the same 5nm architecture as the A14, and doesn’t seem to have any significant difference from the iPhone 12. However, it gets better on closer inspection. Embedding the iPhone 13 may seem unexciting at first glance, but a series of updates have significantly improved the cotidian experience. All iPhone 13 models have ample battery life, improved cameras, minimal range and 120Hz beats in both Pro versions.

But more importantly, the iPhone 13 also supports MagSafe accessories. If you buy the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max, all four iPhones can use MagSafe as the iPhone 12. This is one aspect of the phone, considering all the other benefits of the phone, but Apple has certified to keep MagSafe for over a year.

If you’re new to MagSafe, the mounting system is easy to use, convenient and fun. All iPhone 13s have a range of chargers on the back that work with batteries, chargers and more. MagSafe compatible accessories combined with these icons attach securely to the back of your iPhone, opening a door to new possibilities with other smartphones. One of the best MagSafe accessories is the MagSafe Charger from Apple. No need to connect the Lightning cable to charge your iPhone 13, just place it on top of the MagSafe charger to start charging right away. It uses the same Qi charging method that iPhones have supported for years, but those with the MagSafe charger guarantee that the iPhone works perfectly every time. It also allows you to continue using your iPhone while keeping it connected — something traditional chargers can’t do.

But the MagSafe charger only covers the surface of what you can do with the MagSafe on the iPhone 13. Another great accessory is Apple’s MagSafe battery. It’s a portable battery that you can plug into the back of your iPhone 13 to provide extra power on the move. It provides up to 60% extra battery power for your iPhone 13, acts as your iPhone’s battery widget and starts charging as soon as you plug it in. If the US$100 price tag is very difficult to install, there are cheaper alternatives from Anker, Mophie, and OtterBox.

Another personal favorite is the Apple card with MagSafe. It’s a smart card that attaches magnetically to your iPhone 13 and can hold up to three cards at once. It still works with the Find My app, which keeps its last location as long as you have it. There are also MagSafe covers, phone chargers, camera mounts, car mounts, and much more. These are all accessories you can use without MagSafe, but with the extra magnetic connection, the towers are more useful than their non-MagSafe equivalents.

MagSafe is also present in all versions of Apple’s iPhone 13. Placing the MagSafe stick on your iPhone 13 does several things: it reproduces a small animation when applied that imitates the stick’s color and uses it to create a a firmer fit than before. This MagSafe also uses its own tools to be compatible with other MagSafe accessories – including all of the above. As long as someone has one with MagSafe integrated, they can continue to use all MagSafe accessories normally.

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