Does the iPhone 14 have USB-C? Here’s everything we know

Rumors of the iPhone 14 suggest the iPhone will bring some updates to the table this year, but a USB-C port will be one of the changes we see maçㆠThe iPhone boato is almost unbreakable. Not to mention that rumors of the next generation of iPhone came just days after the launch of the latter. People always want to know what they’re thinking about — and that’s especially true with the iPhone.

And it’s no different with the iPhone 14. Even if months are missing from Apple’s announcement, iPhone 14 rumors/rumours are in full force. Get selfie and Face ID camera screens, new 48MP cameras, 120Hz expandable update rates, new A16 chipsets etc. or iPhone14.

USB-C on the iPhone has been the subject of much discussion for years. Apple has stuck with the same Lightning charging port since the introduction of the iPhone 5 in 2012. The Lightning charging port is small and easy to use, the iPhone is one of two small devices that will not be available in 2022. MacBooks charge with USB-C, most iPad models are USB-C compatible, and even some Beats earphones (owned by Apple) charge with a USB-C port. Dad, the market continues to move to USB-C, is that something we can expect on the iPhone 14? Seriously, it doesn’t seem like it. Given the latest tech, rumors and reports, the iPhone 14 will almost certainly not support USB-C.

At the time of publication, CAD rendering of the legal appearance was available for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. In both models, the phones are designed with Lightning ports and not USB-C. Embedding CAD renderings are never 100% accurate, they generally give a good overview of the key design elements of an iPhone. If the iPhone 14 has a USB-C port, we’ve probably seen it here. Alem disso, vazador ApplePro Supplies wrote in April 2022 that “Apple will continue to use the connector for 10 years [Lightning]† on the iPhone 14 series. It is still impossible to say that Apple is not using USB-C on the iPhone 14, ApplePro Supplies suggest it could be because Apple doesn’t want to release all of the license money it currently earns from Lightning accessories.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll never have an iPhone with USB-C. While we probably won’t have USB-C on the iPhone 14, Apple may need to include it in later generations. The European Union is trying to pass a law requiring a common charger for smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. This ‘regular charger’ is the USB-C. If approved, Apple will ship and sell iPhones with USB-C not Lightning.

But that’s something to worry about for the iPhones to hit the market in the coming years. If you search specifically for the iPhone 14, it’s almost guaranteed that nothing will change. It will still use Lightning, not have a USB-C port and that’s it. O maçã The iPhone 14 series has many other resources to use, but unfortunately USB-C is probably not one of them.

Source: iDropNews

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