Donald Trump has no plans to return to Twitter

Ex-US President Donald Trump says he will not return to Twitter even though his account has been restored on the platform. Trump’s announcement came shortly before Twitter announced a $44 billion deal with Elon Musk. The development comes a few days after Twitter adopted a “toxic pill” strategy to prevent Musk from taking control of the company, and about three weeks after Elon Musk purchases a 9% stake for nearly 2.9 percent. billion dollars.

Trump was banned from Twitter after the chaos of the capital in January 2021 in hopes of inciting violence through a series of controversial tweets in May. Most of the other major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, are also banning Trump’s accounts after the riots. Facing backlash from all quarters for his alleged role in the insurgency, Trump and his allies launched a new social media platform called Truth Social. However, the service is hampered by an infinite number of problems, including under-use, even among Trump supporters.

In an interview with Raposa news On the second day, Donald Trump said he would not return to Twitter, even though his account has been restored to the platform following the acquisition of Elon Musk. Once there, he will remain in Truth Social and will be more regular than ever before. Donald Trump has a verified account on Truth Social, but has only been on the platform once since its launch in February.

The interview with Raposa news was apparently done shortly before the confirmation of Musk’s agreement to take over Twitter. However, pending the conclusion of the agreement, Trump says he expects Musk to eventually make it better. Describe Elon Musk as: “A good man,” Trump expressed hope that he would make positive changes to the platform. Trump did not specify what changes he would like to see on Twitter after Musk’s acquisition, but said a Twitter property from Musk would be good for the country, so he would talk more openly about it.

Trump lies about social truth and says he has a platform “There will be a voice for me” as long as it is added “That’s something no one can offer.” In the past two months, media reports have confirmed that Truth Social has created technical and people-integration problems, Trump has confirmed that there are no such problems. “We host thousands of people and what we find is that answering the TRUTH is much better than being on Twitter.” Donald Trump revindicado.

Source: Raposa News

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