Don’t have storage space on your Mac? See how to free up space

It is not possible to leave without space maçã, but Apple’s integrated storage management tools facilitate quick access to large files and applications and retrieval of data to the cloud. Recently, Apple sold a MacBook with 128 GB of storage as the base model. Embora is popular with users who want a cheaper model, which also means that the storage space is very limited. Apple now offers 256GB as the base version of the Mac, which is still far behind Windows laptops with 512GB of storage.

When the installation of a Mac is almost over, Apple will display warning messages asking users to free up space. While your Mac will still run fine, if you don’t have enough storage space, it may slow down. Applications that store temporary files on Mac may start running slowly if there is no free space. Larger files also cannot be downloaded. Apple’s macOS system updates also require a fair amount of free space to install. For example, macOS Monterey requires a minimum of 26 GB of free space, while updates for older versions require a minimum of 44 GB of storage space to install updates.

The easiest way to check occupied space on your Mac is to use Apple’s built-in storage management tool. This can be accessed by clicking the Apple menu in the top left corner of the canvas and then clicking . to click About this deviceClick armazenar guide to see how much storage space is now gerirwhich opens the hardware System Information and waits a few minutes for the Mac to calculate the storage space occupied by various files. suggestion A window appears with suggestions to quickly free up storage space. The user can click Warehouse in iCloud Transfer documents, photos, and messages to nuve. Before choosing this option, it is important to ensure that you have purchased an iCloud+ plan with sufficient storage. Other options include optimizing the archive by automatically deleting Apple TV-compatible movies and TV shows, automatically deleting it every 30 days, and viewing all large archived documents on the Mac.

Users can also click the sidebar hidden in System Information to view other content that takes up space. For example, GarageBand has more than 4 GB of storage on a Mac. Not only exclude the application from paste applications, the user also need to click musical creation paste in System Information and, as follows, open Remove library from as GarageBand Free up 2.4 GB of space. Similarly, if photos take up a lot of storage space, enabling iCloud Photos will save the original high-resolution files in the cloud and keep the optimized files on the Mac when the storage is not available. photoThan Activate Photos to iCloud And last but not least Warehouse in iCloud Active is a tool.

There are several other things users can try to free up storage space. An easy way to free up some GB is to click registration paste in System Information and exclude all unsupported applications. Users can also opt out of any Apple app you don’t specify, such as iMovie, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. The Mail app also takes up plenty of storage space. Excluding old emails or spam is one way to clean them up, otherwise you can switch to the web version of an email provider like Gmail. Finally, if your Mac is configured for multiple users, excluding accounts you don’t use, but can help you free up space. maçãbut your data and files can still be stored on the device.

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