Don’t want Windows 11? See how to downgrade to Windows 10

After updating to Windows 11some users may not like the changes and may prefer to downgrade to Windows 10 recently. 10 até October 14, 2025Your files and settings will be kept after the downgrade and can only be updated for Windows 11 at the right time.

Windows 11 has been launched as a free update for Windows 10 users and thousands of users have already updated to the latest version. Windows 11 ships with some interesting new resources, including the ability to launch Android applications and a redesigned design. Microsoft has also redesigned the Microsoft Store, which now offers hundreds of apps and programs that users previously had to download manually.

Despite the many benefits, there are several reasons why users may decide to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10. For example, when you encounter problems that hinder system functionality or simply don’t want a new interface. However, according to statistics, users will not be able to downgrade until 10 days after the update to Windows 11. Microsoft If the update has been applied for 10 days, the user should perform a clean install of Windows 10 and .

To downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10, it is a good idea to backup all recently created files. It is also worth noting that recently installed software can be removed. If you are using a laptop, the user should also check that it is plugged in to make sure it has enough power to complete the process. If I get up early, I wake up”to recoverIn the “Application Configurations” sectionsystem.“In the last ten days an update for Windows 11 is available, users will see one”circle“The options are listed in”Recovery options.

Click on “circleand Windows will ask the reason for the downgrade. The system will also suggest the verification of all available Windows 11 updates before switching to Windows 10. Mark a box and click “Next one”, Using the “Check for Updates” prompt, Windows warns you that new programs can be uninstalled and recently applied settings can be restored. “Next one” These notifications require the user to click the “Back to Windows 10“To start the process. It takes a while for Windows 10 to start.

Use Windows 11 or switch to Windows 10, depending on the user. Embora Windows 11 provides a lot of new resources, some users may not have time to adapt to the new version of the operating system or do not want to face bugs or problems. Windows 10 Probably the best option.

source: Microsoft

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