Dorsey Owner Tweet NFT Wants US$48M, But Main Launch Is Only US$280

esta NFT Jack Dorsey’s first tweet hasn’t aroused much interest in recent years, with a maximum launch of around US$280. ​​Dorsey leiloou his first Tweet as an NFT in 2021, sparking a lot of interest among digital memorabilia collectors and NFT enthusiasts. want to participate in the action. The eventual buyer of NFT was Iranian cryptocurrency firm Sina Estavi, who paid $2.9 million for it. A March 2006 tweet confirmed that: “Just set up my twttr.”

In recent years, NFTs have grown into a big business, with people paying thousands for what are essentially digital photos. Many traditional companies are also working on the NFT movement, and YouTube is exploring how creators can use the technology on the platform to work harder. Mark Zuckerberg recently confirmed that Instagram is looking to expand the NFT market in the future. Even the veteran Bonhams House of Leileles recently offered a set of five Nelson Mandela paintings as an NFT collection.

NFTs have become a big business, with collectors paying thousands to ridicule the scams as glorified JPEGs. The Sina Estavi company may be trying to make a profit from Dorsey’s Tweet when it buys for US$2.9 million, but during its recent launch, the leilão doesn’t know how planned and doesn’t attract much attention. money tableNFT only received 7 offers ranging from just 0.0019 ETH (current value around US$6) to 0.09 ETH (around US$280).

To sell the NFT early this month, Estavi announced it will pay 50% of the loan’s profits to charity. Estavi expects to make $48 million per NFTs, so it’s safe to say he wasn’t very excited by the rumor of events. money table Even though the license term has expired, he can still sell the NFT to get a good offer, adding that you can choose to keep it as a valuable digital souvenir.

Leilão renewed the concerns behind the NFT reviews. The industry is new and most people still don’t know how to assess NFTs. The most recent case is that investing in NFT may not be for the faint of heart and there are much safer, more reliable and fairer ways for people to invest their money. Of course, Estavi won’t accept the US$280 offer. and expect NFT Will sell for a higher price in the future.

source: currency table

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