Download fonts from the web

  1. Installing fonts on your computer is very easy
  2. How and where to download fonts
  3. How to install a font

Installing fonts on your computer is very easy

Your computer comes with a large number of functional fonts preinstalled, but if you are tired of reusing the same fonts, you can download new fonts and other fun fonts for any project.

After you download a font to your computer, you need to install it so that your text editor, image editor, or other program can use it.

How and where to download fonts

You can find fonts for your computer in many places. Some of the more popular sites are, FontSpace, and 1001 Free Fonts.

Most sites have fonts that sell or pay for shareware, but many, like the above, also offer a selection of free fonts. Free fonts usually have a button To download next to the font sample.

macOS recognizes TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) font formats. Windows can install fonts in these formats, as well as bitmap fonts (FONs).

How to install a font

The steps to install the font are almost the same on Windows and MacOS. The basic idea is to open the font file and click the “Install” button, and if the font is in an archive, you need to open the archive file first.

  1. Double click on the font file.

    If the font file is in an archive (such as ZIP, BIN, 7Z, or HQX), double-click it to view the file. In Windows, you can instead right-click on the archive and Unpack everything † Another option is to use a file extraction tool.

  2. Click to install (Windows) or Install Font (Mac) to install the font file.

  3. Now you can use the font like any other font that was pre-installed.

If the program in which you want to use the font was open when you installed the font file, close the program and reopen it. The font may not appear as an option in the software until you restart the application.

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