Download free wallpapers for every holiday

Holiday wallpapers are an easy way to decorate your computer for the holidays. These free holiday wallpapers are easy to put on your desktop or laptop screen and are completely free.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter, you’re sure to find free holiday wallpapers to match your favorites.

Learn how to change the wallpaper on your computer if you’re not sure how to get one of these holiday wallpapers on your screen.

You can find even more free desktop wallpapers online with a quick Google search.

  1. 26 Free Christmas Wallpapers
  2. 45 Free Halloween Wallpapers
  3. 11 Free Easter Wallpapers
  4. 13 Free St. Patrick’s Day Wallpapers
  5. 13 Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers

26 Free Christmas Wallpapers

There are dozens of free holiday wallpapers here that are sure to warm up your home for Christmas. You will find wallpapers with snowmen, colorful decorations, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, deer and other nice pictures to get you in the Christmas mood.

45 Free Halloween Wallpapers

This huge list of dozens of Halloween wallpapers gives you tons of options to choose from.

Quickly scare anyone walking near your computer with these spooky wallpapers, creepy night scenes, black cats, bats, witches, cobwebs and haunted houses.

However, some of these backgrounds are not as scary as Halloween logos, candy and Halloween designs. This is great if you’re in the mood for Halloween but not interested in anything scary.

11 Free Easter Wallpapers

With this free Easter wallpaper you can celebrate the spring and the joy of this spring holiday. In this list you can download free wallpapers of Easter eggs, flowers, chickens, jelly beans and of course rabbits.

13 Free St. Patrick’s Day Wallpapers

This holiday wallpaper was created especially for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and comes in a green color to prove it.

As you might expect, many of these wallpapers are a four leaf clover, but there are also a few St. Patrick’s Day designs, leprechauns and even a rainbow wallpaper, probably with a gold pot hidden at the end.

13 Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers

This holiday wallpaper is just right for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Throw one on your computer screen and you’ll immediately think of the holidays.

There are several Thanksgiving-related photos on this list, including apple pie and pumpkin pie, as well as a scarecrow, Thanksgiving tree, pumpkins, turkeys, and more.

You may prefer fall wallpaper if you prefer leaves or another fall theme.

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