Drawing phone calls on Android is already much more difficult

google updates its developer policy to prevent third-party applications from recording phone calls on Android. Search engine optimization is a very popular resource on Android, Google or it has been written off in the latest versions of Android. However, these restrictions only apply to third-party applications, so Google offers to provide the resource on their Pixel devices through the Google Phone application.

Google has definitively blocked the hacking functionality in Android 10, arguing that the ability of third-party apps to record conversations is a barrier to users’ privacy. To get around Google’s restrictions, developers have started using the Accessibility API to capture names with third-party applications, but that won’t be more likely once new policies come into effect.

Google’s new Play Store policy was identified by Redditor NLL-APPS and was also officially confirmed by the company during a developer webinar. In accordance with official policy, third-party apps on the Play Store can no longer use the Accessibility API to record calls on Android phones. The policy will go into effect on May 11, and there will likely be long-term ramifications for a range of applications, including popular ones like Truecaller. Google, meanwhile, does not specifically recommend hacking, as the native hacking resources provided by the manufacturers’ integrated applications will not be affected by the policy change. In this case, some companies that offer native options to collect names are committed to privacy issues. Xiaomi, which usually offers integrated dial-up recording with its Mi Dialer app, also pulled the trigger.

The new policy is a big change from just a year ago, when Google supposedly worked so that your Phone app would automatically call unknown numbers. The new decision caught the eye of two Android users who expressed their frustration on social media networks and online forums, such as Reddit. While some question whether Google’s new policy is anti-competitive because it only allows OEMs to provide the resource and not third-party applications, others blame the company for being too restrictive every day. Some are also questioning Google’s motive after the new policy, which is already legal in many jurisdictions around the world, while some are investigating users informing the person on the other end that the conversation is being recorded.

Are you unsure whether it will still be possible to include names on Android as the new policy comes into effect in the coming months? The answer is yes and no. One such solution would be to use live voice for a conversation and then use an external recording device to record the audio. While this is inconvenient, it will be a solution that most users can implement. The second option is to use a rooted phone, which allows special root applications, such as skvalex’s ‘Call Recorder’, to make more calls with ease and ease. Root isn’t for everyone, though, which means that for the vast majority of users, spelling nicknames on Android is a thing of the past in the short term, thanks to googlefinal decision of.

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