DuckDuckGo Beta is already available on Mac, so download it

maçã Macbook and desktop users can now install the DuckDuckGo public beta app on their devices. DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused web browser, is already available in the Apple App Store and is a favorite among iPhone users. It is also available for iPad users and offers an optimal privacy-oriented alternative to other popular internet browsers, such as Google Chrome.

Obviously, Apple and DuckDuckGo are on the same page, at least when it comes to user privacy. For example, during the launch of iOS 14.5, DuckDuckGo launched the iPhone App Tracking Transparency (ATT) initiative on social media. DuckDuckGo has also launched Application Tracking Protection (ATP) for its Android app, inspired by Apple’s privacy concerns. Thus, many iPhone and Android users can enjoy a seamless navigation experience.

Until now, Mac users have the option to change the search mechanism in the Safari browser for DuckDuckGo. However, this approach does not provide the same set of resources as full browsers. Duck Duck Come has finally launched a public beta for Mac with that in mind. The closed beta version of the privacy-focused desktop browser is currently running on various devices since last year and is now also available to the public.

Currently, the only way to download the DuckDuckGo app on a Mac is to enter a private waiting list. The people on the list are constantly being approved, so the more users who enter the field, the more they can download the application. Make sure users don’t have to share personal information to get on a private waiting list.

To use the DuckDuckGo Mac browser, users must download the most recent version of the DuckDuckGo mobile app or upgrade to the current version (if the app is already installed). Users need to open the application, click on Configurations and select DuckDuckGo for Desktop in the privacy section. Then click on “Enter Private Waiting List”. After a while, the user receives a notification from the application that sends you an invite code and a download link that the user can open on a Mac desktop or laptop. Click here to start downloading the DuckDuckGo Mac application.

Note that the DuckDuckGo for Mac application resources will continue to be added or removed as the beta feedback continues to decline. With a full desktop browser, Mac users will finally enjoy a ton of privacy-focused resources. -click on clean data and much more for free. Currently, the DuckDuckGo browser does not support browser extensions, but the resource will be added soon. However, DuckDuckGo’s integrated privacy resources are sufficient for most people’s needs. maçã Mac users, trust their creators.

source: Pato Pato Vai

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