Many have heard that a regular DVD disc for a player or computer can replace a broken disc for an angle grinder. Agree, plastic flexible material is unlikely to replace metal cutting material. We will see if it is true that with the help of a DVD disc you can cut various materials with a grinder.

Before trying to use a CD instead of a cutting base, you should remember that such activity is very dangerous. The chipper rotates at very high speeds, which can cause injury. In general, this should be done by experienced people who have repeatedly held this tool in their hands.

After inserting the DVD into the grinder and turning on the device, we find that it wobbles a little, but does not break into pieces. Let’s test it for strength on some items. Here’s what happens.


  1. The disc cuts apples and potatoes well. Again, we remind you that this must be done with great care.
  2. The foam is cut effortlessly and with great precision.
  3. Using soft material, you can make small crafts from cardboard boxes. However, the cardboard melts the disc around the edges.
  4. Finally, will test the CD on the tree. At first glance, it may seem like plastic can’t cut wooden decking or planking. However, the combination of a sharp disc edge and high revs does the trick. Bulgarian under strength and tree. Surprisingly, the CD does not burst, but under the influence of friction it quickly heats up and melts.


Of course, a plastic disc cannot perform all operations due to its softness and low melting point. CDs are even better used for their intended purpose – watching movies or listening to music.

Parents, be careful! Make sure the grinder does not fall into the hands of children. A large number of videos are “circulating” on social networks, in which teenagers insert discs and similar products into the grinder and play with them.

The power tool is not a toy. Despite the fact that the material from which the DVD is made is soft, it can cause serious injury at high speeds. In addition, children are not aware of the dangers of such “games” and can not only hurt themselves, but also their comrades, or be injured by electric shock.

Remember that the grinder works best with the original cutting discs, and not with their “substitutes”.