Easy ways to change photos

  1. Make images work for you
  2. turn it around
  3. Resize
  4. Rotate, stretch, skew, or distort
  5. cut it off
  6. Colors in shades of gray and vice versa
  7. Merge Clip Art Elements

Make images work for you

Clipart has come a long way since graphic artists were forced to cut it out of giant catalogs with scissors and wax it into their mechanical layouts. Today, most graphics software comes with a robust clip art library and images are available online on just about any topic you can think of. This does not mean that you can always find exactly what you are looking for, but you can change the images in several ways.

A clip art can be used in the software that supplied it, copied and pasted into another program. When making changes to images, it is important to know what format they are in so that you can use the correct software application to make the changes. Clip art comes in vector and raster (bitmap) formats. You edit a vector image in Adobe Illustrator or another vector program, and you edit a bitmap image in Photoshop or a similar image editing program.

turn it around

An otherwise perfect piece of clip art pointing in the wrong direction might just need a click. This is easy to do in any graphics program. Be careful about flipping images that contain text or anything that creates a cover.


Images are rarely the right size to meet everyone’s needs. However, changing the image size is not difficult. In most cases, you can enlarge an image in the program in which you use it.

Vector graphics can be scaled up infinitely without affecting the quality of the art, but rasterized art will show its pixels if you enlarge it significantly.

Rotate, stretch, skew, or distort

Clip art can be rotated left or right to the exact direction required by the layout.

While rotation preserves some of the image’s original dimensions, stretching and skewing alter its appearance. Create special effects with the Stretch, Skew, Distort, Warp, or Perspective tools.

cut it off

There is no rule that says you have to use the entire piece of the image. Cut out the parts you don’t need or need. Cropping can help focus on important parts of an image, simplify them, or change their meaning.

You can also parse images and use image pieces. This is easier to do with vector graphics, but you can make complex adjustments to bitmaps with careful use of the selection and cropping tools.

Colors in shades of gray and vice versa

Sometimes it is better to colorize a fragment of an image than to use one color already. You can add just the right colors in the right places, depending on your goals.

However, you don’t have to start with colorless images. You can change the colors of both vector and bitmap images using the appropriate software.

Sometimes color doesn’t work for a design, but the best part of a clipart is the color. Converting an image to a grayscale bitmap renders colors in grayscale and increases the usability of any clip art collection.

Merge Clip Art Elements

If two fragments of the image aren’t quite right, combining them may work. Create a new image by merging multiple clips from clips, or by removing parts of each clip and merging the remaining elements.

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