Edit documents in Google Docs on your iPad quickly and easily

  1. Stay mobile with Google Docs and Google Drive
  2. View Google Drive docs online
  3. Using the Google Docs app
  4. Share a Google Docs file

Stay mobile with Google Docs and Google Drive

Google’s free word processor, Google Docs, can be used along with Google Drive on the iPad to give you a mobile experience. Use your iPad to create and edit Google docs anywhere you have Internet access. Your files are stored in Google Drive, where they can be shared with others. You can use Safari to open the web version of Google Drive to view your documents, but if you want to edit them, you’ll need to download the Google Docs app.

View Google Drive docs online

If all you need to do is read or view documents, you can:

Open the Safari web browser app.

Enter drive.google.com to your browser’s address bar to access your Google Drive documents. (If you enter docs.google.com, the website will prompt you to download the app.)

Click on a document’s thumbnail image to open and view it.

After you open the document, you can print it or send it by email. However, if you want to edit a document, you need to download the Google Docs iPad app.

If you know that your iPad will shut down at some point, you can take advantage of a feature in the Google Docs app that allows you to mark documents for offline access.

Remark. Google also offers an iPad app for Google Drive.

Using the Google Docs app

The Google Docs app simplifies the editing process. The app lets you create and open documents, and view and edit recent files on iPad. Download the free app from the App Store and log in with your Google account. Scroll and tap one of the thumbnail documents to open it.

When you open a document, a panel appears at the bottom of the document with your access rights to the document. A comment may contain “View only” or “Comments only”, or a pencil icon may appear in the lower corner to indicate that you can edit the article.

Click the menu icon in the top right corner to open the information panel for the document. Depending on your permissions, which are listed at the top of the panel, you can search and replace, share, or mark a document for offline access. Additional information includes word count, example, and document details.

Share a Google Docs file

To share one of the files you uploaded to your Google Drive with others:

Open the file in Google Docs.

Tap the icon Lake resembling three horizontal dots to the right of the document title.

Select Share and Export .

Click the icon Adding people .

Enter the email addresses of each person you want to share the document with in the corresponding field. Enable message for email.

Select permissions for each person by clicking the pencil icon next to their name and selecting Change , A reaction or Vision .

If you choose not to share the document, click the Lake at the top of the Add people screen and select Skip sending notifications .

Click on icon send .

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