Elon Musk could give us a Twitter edit button, and is that a good thing?

apesar Elon Musk Had you been able to gain enough leverage through Twitter to add an edit button, would that be a good thing? In a series of events over the past few days, Elon Musk challenged Twitter’s stance on free speech, asked about a new platform, announced new Covid-19, promoted SpaceX and Tesla, did a thorough investigation of Twitter and launched a survey in the editor. It’s an amazing sequence and ends with a few painful Twitter links, the edit button.

Of course, Elon Musk is the driving force behind Tesla, Space X, The Boring Company, Neuralink and many other leading technology companies. Much of the marketing and print reporting of these companies is done by Musk through his Twitter account. The viral effect of having over 80 million followers to amplify every post gives Musk a powerful voice in a variety of topics. After buying enough shares to become the largest Twitter shareholder.

The edit button was a popular request from users, with ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey giving a “probably never” response. Twitter’s new CEO Parag Agrawal called Musk’s investigation an important decision and warned users to vote with caution. The moment suggests that Musk could greatly influence Twitter’s short-term plans, but more specifically, the weight of the major shareholder and future management board member Adding the search results to the search query may be enough to make the edit button a reality.Twitter questionnaire More than 3.2 million votes have been cast so far and 73% of those polled support the edit button. While there was almost certainly an intentional digitization error, a “yes” vote was erroneously digitized as “yes,” a possible signal that Musk wanted to correct this error. The edit button can be problematic as tweets are currently mutable and used as history. If the situation changes, it is possible to rewrite history. On the other hand, there are ways to reduce this problem.

Given that “probably never” has become a reality, what does that mean for Twitter? The answer depends on how it is implemented. Editing a tweet later a day or more after publishing can cause problems for anyone who interacts with the tweet. Retweets, comments, and comments can be added to edited posts, potentially completely changing the original meaning. Some simple solutions exist. One is simply limiting the amount of time the edit button is available to reduce the chance of abuse. If you give one minute after tweeting, the edit button is active to correct digitization errors.

Another solution is to use a small indicator to indicate that a tweet has been edited, as in the Facebook solution, and to make the original content available for viewing. If something dramatic happens, they can’t do it in secret. The edit button won’t change Twitter if it’s well thought out, and the company takes this seriously. However, it does happen. You can announce big changes and faster updates on Twitter in the future because Elon Musk is a transfer agent.

source: Parag Agrawal/TwitterElon Musk/Twitter

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