Elon Musk is good at confirming that brain chips can treat obesity

Elon Musk actually seems to believe that a brain chip can treat chronic obesity, something that scientists have also discovered. The device, of course, is Neuralink, a computer interface implanted in the brain. Imagine that one day this could be a quick and easy procedure, opening up all sorts of futuristic possibilities. A real opportunity to contour lesions on the spinal cord to restore movement seems emotional and grounded in reality, but other ideas seem less likely to break out.

It’s no surprise that Neuralink won the rings, it’s already one of Elon Musk’s companies. Despite its initial interest, the company has been relatively quiet since its launch in 2015. Musk occasionally releases some progress information, but only a few demonstrations have been seen so far. Animal tissues containing rats, pigs and macaws show that the device is able to connect to the brain and capture sin that can be processed by a computer. The human test is probably the next step.

A cerebral interface to a computer is the kind of future cyberpunk that seems inevitable as global human reliance on technology becomes more widespread. What is not so clear is how this can be used to treat obesity. Business Insider spoke to Sadaf Farooqi, Cambridge Professor of Metabolism and Medicine about the concept. Farooqi indicated that sending or hypotension to the brain to control appetite may work. The first searches for this technique in particular yielded mixed results, but the technology used was different from Neuralink. Elon Musk responded to a similar story from Teslaraticdescribes this as an ‘electrical/mechanical/software problem’ for the Neuralink device.

It is very important to know when Neuralink can cure obesity. At this time, it is not clear when human testing will begin or whether the product will be approved for use. Clinical trials can last a decade or more. Embed rapid therapy as often as possible, it is usually linked to an urgent need, such as Covid-19 vaccines, meanwhile, it would be necessary to claim that Neuralink has a good chance of overcoming obesity so that this is a way to accelerate regulate the system.

In any case, the current search does not answer that question. Neuralink is a very interesting technology for the future, but it has little to offer people who need solutions now. While it’s fun to laugh Elon Musk working with your potential to accelerate human intelligence, heal wounds and repair permanent damage to our nerves will likely take many years before this has any chance of becoming a reality.

Font: Business Insider, Teslarati, Elon Musk/Twitter

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