Elon Musk rejects proposal to join council on Twitter

In accordance with Twitter’s CEO, Parag Agarwal, Elon Musk I made an offer to join the Twitter Council. A few days ago, Agarwal revealed that Musk had guaranteed an offer to the municipality after purchasing a 9.2% stake in the microblogging platform. The deal is believed to be worth about $2.89 million, making Musk the company’s largest shareholder.

Twitter is one of the world’s largest social media networks, with more than 200 million daily active users as of December 2021. The company was founded by Jack Dorsey and will serve as CEO from 2015 to 2021. Meanwhile, Dorsey resigned. in November 2021, greetings to Parag Agarwal.

CEO of Twitter Parag Agarwal To announce Elon Musk decides not to join the council in a tweet on Sunday. “Subject to previous verification”, But Tesla’s CEO has already rejected the offer that day. In agreement with Agarwal, the Board will continue to value his comments and suggestions, but will also respect its decision to refund you.Logo following Agarwal’s ad, Musk tuitar An emoji knows, but the tweet has already been deleted.

Many Twitter users speculate about Musk’s rejection of the vacant works council position. While some argue that Musk would rather be an outside provocateur to do something concrete and take real responsibility, another I think he decided because “Verification of the past” conditions, because he doesn’t want her to open Pandora’s box. Not at all another It seems Musk wants to increase his stake in the company and not be limited by the council members’ ownership limit.

At the end of the week, Musk tweeted about ways to change the way Twitter works. One of their last suggestions is to give every Twitter Blue user a “verified” crack, presumably without the need to verify their credentials. Musk is also offering a range of other changes, including lowering the price of Twitter Blue signatures to US$2 per month, making Twitter Blue an ad book, and offering the option to pay for Twitter Blue signatures on Dogecoin. Musk is a well-known cryptomoeda enthusiast with a Doge twist. Elon MuskThe love for the meme is so strong that Tesla has been accepting it as a means of payment for merchants since last year.

source: Palag Agarwal/TwitterElon Musk/TwitterAlejandra Caraballo/TwitterCaroline Orbueno/Twitter

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