Elon Musk tries to host Twitter with $43 billion bid

Elon Musk I have an offer to buy Twitter for about US$43 billion, a move that specialists have classified as a hostile takeover of a social media company. Since the revelation of Musk’s 9.2% stake in the company, it has been extremely turbulent on Twitter. Twitter shares are up 27% and have since fallen. But Musk’s way of announcing his stock on Twitter will soon be another topic. Musk initially presented an Exhibit 13G to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) classifying it as a passive investor, but the logo presented a revised SEC statement on Exhibit 13D, declaring it an active investor.

However, the drama was long overdue and his delayed announcement of his joining the company canceled a class action. After carefully considering the platform verification system and asking if Twitter “morrendoMusk decided not to take a position on the works council. Even now, a lot of digital ink has been spread about Musk’s plans for Twitter, the changes he can catalyze, and whether he’s making Twitter take new steps for success or direction. Go clandestine. Well, it seems Musk doesn’t just want to be tweeter-in-chief. Your goal now is to become a full-fledged Commander in Chief.

Musk made a takeover offer to Twitter president Bray Taylor in an SECMusk Archive card offering to buy Twitter disclosures for US$54.20 a share. Musk added that this is his best and last offer. Meanwhile, he noted that if a bid was rejected, he would have to reconsider his position as one of Twitter’s top shareholders. Musk’s Tom was quite aggressive, knowing full well that his Twitter account would almost certainly hurt the price of stocks and boost potential investors. On the other hand, it must be said that it is not a dream, it is only a great investment if he cannot make the desired changes.

Musk, a self-proclaimed freedom of speech absolutist, confirmed in the letter that he noted that Twitter would not serve the purpose of free speech and that it would need to be privatized to make the necessary changes. †Twitter has extraordinary potential. I want to unblockNot long ago, Musk asked his followers if they knew that Twitter had led to the idea of ​​free speech, given that the platform is a popular public place. Most of your followers are against your question. Not long ago, the Tesla boss tweeted that he was thinking about launching his social media platform. But if the history of startups like Gettr, Rumble and Truth Social, endorsed by Trump, is any guide, then running a social media platform is no easy task. Musk understands this, and as many professionals and their potential followers say, the best bet to run a social media entity is to take over Twitter.

That’s what fans of Tesla and SpaceX do. Musk made it clear in the letter that he has no confidence in the management of Twitter. To make the necessary changes, he must return to the private business and take full ownership. Musk says that because of his takeover bid, hedon’t play games of ida and voltaThis shows that the richest man in the world has made serious plans to buy Twitter. Oddly enough, Musk’s deal with Twitter guarantees he can’t buy more than 14.9% of the company, warning that he won’t be able to try and take a hit. Almiscar He’ll revise his proposal if the Twitter council responds, and it’s equally complicated to decide what he plans to do.

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