Elon Musk’s next target is Twitter verification

Elon Musk The next step for Twitter changes seems to be the verified verification sign. Twitter has a way of verifying the identity of a Twitter account, be it a person, product, company, organization or government agency. While not easy to flag, it has become an ideal status symbol for Twitter users, indicating that the account or what it represents is strong or enough to attract special attention.

The purpose of the verification seal is to make clear to Twitter users that it is a real person or official representative of the account and take the form of a blue check mark that appears next to the Twitter account name. It will appear on your profile page, in all your tweets and in all your comments, giving you a powerful reminder that this account deserves special attention. So of course any prolific Twitter user enjoys this level of respect, and Elon Musk seems more inclined to expand the program to more users.

Elon Musk, now a member of Twitter’s board of directors and a major shareholder of Twitter business, aims to identify Twitter accounts as verified verification markers. tuitar This represents a significant expansion of the program. The hidden blue decal indicates that the Twitter account is “authentic, open and active”. Twitter help page. Anyone who pays $3 a month for a Twitter Blue subscription should stop, Musk suggested. An accompanying tweet clarified that this must be different from the blue seal, but did not indicate that the account was genuine. When asked by commentators to consider price cuts in other countries, Musk agreed, proposing a tax rate commensurate with accessibility and local currency. The Tesla CEO also says the annual tax on Twitter Blue should be just US$2 per month.

Have little or no arguments against the idea in the answers, mostly just adding suggestions or asking questions about extreme cases. This raises the question of what happens if a user cancels his or her Twitter Blue signature. Musk replied that the verified verification token should disappear so that it can continue to be subject to system abuse, where a person only signs up briefly to obtain the verification token and then cancels.

The documents are needed to get a verified account, and Musk is not suggesting that it should go away. The pre-collection of annual signatures and a 60-day delay provides an additional guarantee that the system is not abused. Getting more people to use Twitter Blue will reduce the company’s reliance on ads and create more verified accounts, providing greater security and trust, all positive changes. Elon Musk Tweets don’t guarantee this will happen on Twitter, but it’s an interesting possibility.

source: Elon Musk/TwitterTwitter

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