Elon Musk’s strong warning to those planning to move to Mars

In an interview, Elon Musk warn people that life on Mars will be dangerous and not for the heartbroken. Musk has been a vocal advocate of the colonization of Mars and, as head of SpaceX, will spearhead efforts to place humans on the Red Planet for the next decade. In a December 2021 interview, Musk promised the same, saying that humans would likely be on Mars in five to 10 years, even before the stage.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX will not only be able to take people to Mars in the coming years, but will also build a downtown area on the Red Planet. For that purpose, the Starship company foresees that it will one day be able to bring more than 100 people and 150 tons of useful cargo to Mars in a single flight. It took between 128 and 300 days to reach Mars, and several rockets have failed to hit the planet in recent years.

Speaking with TED chief Chris Anderson, Elon Musk says life on Mars will be long enough to be easy, especially in the beginning. According to Musk, life on the Red Planet will be dangerous and nothing on Earth can prepare anyone for that experience. He also compared the Mars colonization mission to a mythical advertisement that explorer Ernest Shackleton had mentioned as a recruiting force for his Antarctic expedition Nimrod in 1907. The advertisement, which has since become known as an urban legend, para vá em um “Dangerous Journey” for the most meridian part of the world, with a safe return coming “Duvidoso.” Musk also made a similar proposal for his mission to Mars, he said “It’s dangerous, it’s open. You can’t go back. It’s hard, it’s hard work.”

Mars is said to have an average temperature of -80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not much different from the temperatures in Antarctica. However, the Red Planet does not have the basic necessities for human survival, such as oxygen and free-flowing water. Regardless of the atmosphere and temperature, the pink surface with volcanoes and penetrating craters will also come as a big surprise to would-be settlers. After two apparent disappointments with establishing a colony on Mars, Elon Musk says life on the Red Planet is no longer “Glorious.”

SpaceX is currently preparing to build an entire city on Mars and has begun testing prototype projects for the massive spaceship fire that will take humans to the Red Planet. During the interview, Musk confirmed that the space shuttle’s first orbital launch could take place “In a few months.” Repeated fears about life on Earth are suddenly eradicated by one “Giant Meteorites or Extreme Weather or World War III”, Elon Musk we believe that colonizing the Red Planet would be the logical way to save humanity from extinction.

Source: TED/YouTube

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