Enter numbers and symbols on your iPhone faster with this legal trick

esté iphone The keyboard has some lesser-known tricks that Apple doesn’t reveal, including those that allow for faster digitization of numbers and symbols. Although this workshop has been around for a while, it has been getting a lot of attention lately. Just as the cloth keyboard is a tool that is used several times a day, even a small change can have a big impact on ease of use.

Apple’s first touchscreen device with text input was not an iPhone, not even an iPod. It was Newton’s personal digital assistant (PDA) launched in 1992. It was one of the two most interesting products of its time, but it still cracked. The Apple Newton requires a can instead of a cloth keyboard. Apple’s first touchscreen keyboard was launched with the iPhone in 2007 and was the first of its kind.

In a recent Reddit topic exploring iPhone tricks, a user shared one of the most popular things cavaleiro xadrez As a way to enter numbers and symbols faster with iPhone keyboard. after clicking ‘123switch to a digital keyboard as a mouse Suggest users hold the keyboard with a finger to open the digital keyboard. While holding down the “123” key, you can enter numbers and symbols with another finger. Turning the “123” key returns the keyboard to the normal alphabetic keyboard. This trick may seem trivial, but small productivity tips for common functions can save a lot of time.

In a related comment, a Reddit user pointed out that the same goes for the shift key. There are also many double click options mentioned. Press the shift key twice to activate the caps lock, tap the spacebar twice to insert a period and a space to end the sentence. If you want to use double space, you can disable the spacebar trick. This can also be done by pressing and holding the globe until the menu appears and then selecting keyboard settings† Roll for soil and desative † Atalho Allows you to repeatedly tap the space bar to insert spaces. The space bar can also be used to activate the touchpad.

Apple notes that specific letters, characters and symbols with accents can be inserted while certain keys are pressed to reveal more options. The most common accented letters, such as vogais and some related letters, give many different types of accents used in other languages. English is a little too low in its lack of accents and diacritics, but with iPhones being sold around the world, Apple is recognizing the need to provide support for other languages ​​and digitize accented characters. iphone Designed for a diversified user base.

source: Reddit, maçã

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