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  1. Don’t upgrade yet – guess how much data you’re going to use
  2. Why you should use a data usage calculator
  3. AT&T Online Data Calculator
  4. Smartphone T-Mobile Mobile Hotspot Data Calculator
  5. Cable One’s Home Data Calculator
  6. Fido Mobile Data Calculator
  7. US Mobile Data Usage Rating
  8. Sprint Data Calculator

Don’t upgrade yet – guess how much data you’re going to use

The last thing you want is to pay too much for data, but in the same vein, you don’t want to spend so little that you underestimate your usage and end up paying even more for too high a cost.

Or, worst case scenario, your subscription could be suspended until the next billing cycle if you use up all your data.

So how do you know exactly how much data you’re going to use? You can’t know for sure because nothing can accurately estimate how many Netflix movies you stream from your couch, the YouTube videos you play on your Chromecast, and the photos you upload to Facebook.

Why you should use a data usage calculator

There are some data calculators you can rely on to ask questions about your past habits and expected future habits so you can estimate how much data is needed for things (like sending emails, streaming videos, etc.).

Once you’re told how much data you can use, you can use that information to more accurately predict what type of plan to buy. For example, if the calculator calculates that you are going to use 1.5 GB of mobile data, you should choose a 2 GB plan so as not to overpay, but no more than 1 GB so as not to economize too quickly

Another use of these data calculators is to fill them into your current subscription options, but just list what you need to do before you select all your needs, so you understand why you’re going over your monthly allowance and what you can do. the use of your data.

For example, if you’ve configured all the different options in the calculator and it’s already 5 GB (which is your maximum data usage per month) but you haven’t even entered your social media information, you can assume you’re staying within your data limit. if you avoid social networks.

If you keep reviewing your monthly data limits and therefore wondering how much data to update, look at your past data habits, either on your device or on your bills. This will tell you exactly how much data you’ve used, and you can then use it to decide which plan to pay for so you don’t exceed your monthly fee.

Since most calculators don’t include VoIP as an element, consider estimating VoIP usage if you think you’ll be using it often.

AT&T Online Data Calculator

Because the data we use is most easily broken down into categories such as email, web browsing, and video streaming, the AT&T data calculator provides such criteria and more.

On the Data Usage Calculator page, use the slider to select a value. For example, reduce the number of “Social media posts with photos” to 400 if you think you post that many images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. per month.

The same goes for hours of 4K video streaming, time spent gaming online, sending and receiving emails, and more.

AT&T also has a Wi-Fi hotspot usage calculator that provides similar information.

Smartphone T-Mobile Mobile Hotspot Data Calculator

If you plan to use T-Mobile service from your phone on your laptop or tablet, use the T-Mobile Mobile HotSpot Data Calculator.

The T-Mobile Data Usage Estimator asks you about your streaming habits, app downloads, web surfing, email, and more. Simply select a number in each item to indicate how many minutes you will spend on it or how many files or items you will use in each category.

Another way to estimate data usage with this calculator is to select a data plan on the right, say 5 GB, and then see what the calculator shows for everything you could do with 5 GB of data.

Cable One’s Home Data Calculator

Cable One’s data calculator is a little more complicated than the others we’ve listed on this page. For starters, you can select a preset option such as low, normal, or high to automatically fill in all the options.

Otherwise, select values ​​for specific areas if you think you will use the Internet for these purposes.

You can choose a different value for regular web browsers than for media usage and the number of e-mail messages you send/receive with and without attachments.

In addition to these valuable slots for document uploads, photo uploads and online backups. In the download area, you can choose between software downloads and updates, such as Windows Update downloads and virus definition updates.

Fido Mobile Data Calculator

To get started with the Fideo Mobile Data Calculator, select your phone, mobile hotspot or tablet. It may not matter which one you want to test with, but pick one.

Like other data calculators, use the sliders to estimate how much you will use from each service. There’s one for email, instant messaging, music, HD video streaming, SD video streaming, photo sharing, and more.

You can also enter an exact number for each of these areas if you don’t want to use the slider.

As you configure each item, an indicator of its intended use will appear at the top of this page. When you’re done, look at the number to get an estimate of the amount of data you’ll be using based on the criteria.

US Mobile Data Usage Rating

In the US, Cellular also has a data calculator. Simply select your device type from the drop-down menu at the top of this page to get started.

Select Day or Month next to any or all of the options you see there, then slide the button to the right to increase your estimate of how much you’ll be using that particular item during that time period.

There is one for downloads such as apps, games, books, songs and more, as well as music, SD and HD videos, social media posts, emails and more.

Sprint Data Calculator

Like all these other data usage calculators, Sprint’s data usage calculator lets you choose between your phone and other devices like a laptop or tablet.

Select day , week or month from each category, then use the slider to adjust your usage. Specify how many emails you want to send and receive, how many websites you want to access, social media posts, how many hours of music you want to stream, etc.

Check out the slider at the bottom of this page to see how much Sprint data you need to evaluate.

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