Are you afraid to let your child go to school alone and can’t wait for him to come home from school? Do you pretend it is necessary and change the route around a pack of stray dogs, even if you are a brutal man with a weight of less than 100 kilos and a height of 1.80 meters? These are not horror stories from the headlines, but the realities of our job sites and our streets. You can correct the sad statistics of homeless animals attacking people with the help of an ultrasonic repeller.

Ultrasonic repeller works – it’s not a myth

Dog behavior is unpredictable. Even training does not give a 100% guarantee that the animal will behave appropriately in a given situation. What about stray dogs who daily roam the streets of the city in search of food and endure all the charms of weather on the streets.

An effective and humane way to protect against dogs is an ultrasonic repeller. The main factor that the device affects dogs is high frequency sound vibrations. For the human ear they are not noticeable, but for the animal it has a depressing effect.

Some devices are equipped not only with ultrasound, but also with a light indicator, a strong signal. When threatened by an animal, simply press and hold the button on the device for 2-5 seconds. Ultrasound, combined with a flashing light, has a calming effect on an aggressive dog.

With an ultrasonic repellent you can scare dogs away from the territory, for example from a playground or road, or stop the barking of a neighbor’s dog. For the device to work properly, follow the recommendations:

  • it is better to start using the repeller from afar, the range of such devices is usually at least 15-20 m;
  • direct the signal from the device to the dog’s head;
  • it is better to send short signals than to hold the button down for a long time;
  • the device has a detrimental effect on dogs with long droopy ears and deaf elderly people.

Ultrasound causes fear and depression in the dog, he will rush to leave. Some animals are more receptive to the signal, others less so. Manufacturers also advise against aiming for calm dogs. But in practice, it is quite possible to hunt animals if they have settled down to rest in the children’s sandbox.

Inexpensive and functional model

Cobra Bios is a convenient and effective way to treat stray dogs. This device can be purchased for only 800-900 rubles. The main advantages of the device include:

  • small size – easily fits in a child’s hand, in a handbag, does not take up much space in your pocket;
  • range – about 5-15 meters will prevent the attack of animals in advance;
  • reproduces ultrasound at less than 120 dB, this is enough to stop an aggressive animal;
  • does not have a negative impact on humans;
  • convenient shape and affordable control, even a child can handle it;
  • one battery lasts a year or more;
  • equipped with additional features – indicator light.

We tested this device in the field and we can say that it really works. It is easy to use, even a child can handle it. Works on 99% of dogs. We do not recommend use on calm dogs that are walked with the owner. It will also be useful for dog owners who encounter homeless aggressive animals on walks.

Subject to the rules of operation and precautions, the ultrasonic repeller will become a real protector for your family.

Stray dog ​​attacks can have very serious consequences. Unfortunately, cases of death are not uncommon. Therefore, it is important to arm yourself with a reliable assistant, especially since the ultrasonic repeller works humanely and does not harm the health of the animal.