Excel Zoom: Change Sheet Zoom

The zoom function in Excel changes the scale of a worksheet. If you want to see more or less of the worksheet, use Zoom to zoom in or out.

Remark . The information in this article applies to Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, and Excel 2007.

  1. Choose a scaling method
  2. Using Zoom Slider
  3. Set custom zoom
  4. Zoom in with hotkeys
  5. Zoom roll with IntelliMouse
  6. Zoom out to show named ranges

Choose a scaling method

There are three different ways to grow a table:

  • The zoom slider is located on the status bar.

  • The Zoom tool is located on the View tab of the Excel ribbon.

  • Zooming with IntelliMouse option .

Using Zoom Slider

To quickly change the sheet magnification, use the Scale slider. You can find the zoom slider in the lower-right corner of the Excel window. To use the zoom slider, drag the slider to the right or left.

Drag the slider to the right to zoom in. Everything on the leaf gets bigger and you see less of the leaf.

Drag the slider to the left to zoom out. The objects on the sheet become smaller and you see more of the sheet.

An alternative to using the slider is to select: zoom out or increase on either side of the slider. The buttons enlarge or shrink the worksheet in 10% increments.

Adjusting the zoom level does not affect the actual sheet size. The prints of the current sheet remain the same regardless of the zoom level selected.

Set custom zoom

On the tab Vision the “Scale” group contains three options to quickly adjust the appearance of the table: “Scale”, “100%” and “Scale for selection”.

Select Scale to open the Scale dialog box. The Scale dialog box contains preset magnification options ranging from 25% to 200%, as well as options for custom magnification and scaling according to the current selection.

Zoom in with hotkeys

Keyboard shortcuts that zoom in and out on a worksheet include using the ALT key. These shortcuts provide access to zoom options on the View tab of the Ribbon using keyboard keys instead of the mouse.

These are the zoom hotkeys:

  • ALTO + W + J : Activates the 100% zoom function on the ribbon.
  • ALTO + W + G : Activates the ribbon highlight zoom feature.
  • ALTO + V + z . Opens the Magnify dialog box.
  • ALTO + W + Q : Opens the Zoom dialog box.

While working in the Zoom dialog box, press one of the following keyboard shortcuts to change the magnification level:

  • 0 + Enter: 200% increase
  • a + Enter: 100% increase
  • 7 + Input: 75% increase
  • 5 + Enter: 50% increase.
  • 2 + Input: 25% increase

Use these keyboard keys to activate the custom scaling option requires additional keystrokes in addition to the keystrokes required to open the Zoom dialog .

After entry ALTO + W + Q + C , enter numbers, such as 33, for a magnification level of 33%. End the sequence by pressing Enter .

Zoom roll with IntelliMouse

If you regularly adjust the zoom level of your worksheets, you can use the Zoom On Roll option with IntelliMouse.

When this option is activated, you can zoom in or out with the scroll wheel. The option is activated using the Excel Options dialog box.

  1. Select File .

  2. Select Options to open the Excel Options dialog box.

  3. Select Additionally in the left pane of the dialog box.

  4. Select Zoom movie with IntelliMouse on the right panel to activate this feature.

Zoom out to show named ranges

If the worksheet contains one or more named ranges, zoom levels below 40% display those named ranges in a box. This provides a quick and easy way to check their location on the worksheet.

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