Every owner of a lawn mower eventually faces such a problem as excessive fuel consumption. Usually this unpleasant phenomenon is associated with malfunctions in the fuel system. However, there are other lesser-known causes that can lead to higher gas mileage when mowing grass.

Why is there excessive fuel consumption in a lawn mower

Let’s look at each of these reasons in more detail. However, you must first determine the exact cause of increased gas mileage, because sometimes excessive fuel consumption is explained by natural circumstances in the form of speed, increased speed, topography of the site, density, height and complexity of the grass.

If the natural causes of excessive fuel consumption cannot be explained, the first thing the lawn mower owner should pay attention to is the condition of the fuel tank. The fact is that in this important element of the design of the grass mowing device, leaks very often occur, which are difficult to detect, since they appear only during operation.

Attention!!! Most often, leaks in the tank are indicated by drops and streaks that regularly appear on the lawn mower when pumping gasoline or during operation.

The most vulnerable part in this case is the cover, which can simply be deformed or damaged (deformed rubber seal, malfunction of the air valve). Another unreliable element can be a fuel hose, on which microcracks often form during operation. In addition, the tube over time has an unpleasant feature of shrinking in the place where it is connected to the tank using a special rubber seal. The rubber seal itself can also fail. We won’t go into tank holes in this brief review, as it’s rather hard not to see them.

The second unexpected reason for excessive fuel consumption on a lawn mower can be a knife or a fishing line. If the knife becomes dull, it will continue to mow, but the load on the tool will increase several times, and after that the gas mileage will increase sharply. Similar problems arise with an incorrectly selected fishing line (thickness, length, etc.). It doesn’t seem like much, but because of this, fuel consumption can increase by 30%.

However, the most common reason for overspending on gasoline remains a variety of problems in the fuel system, which manifest themselves in the form of:

  • heavy oil emissions from the exhaust port;
  • too easy or difficult to start;
  • heavy series of revolutions;
  • very loud noise level;
  • lack of traction;
  • regular interruptions of work;
  • black smoke from the muffler;
  • refusal to idle.
All these problems in the operation of lawn mowers appear due to a “clogged” carburetor, lack of decompression due to high wear of the piston group, heavy carbon deposits on the spark plug and clogged filters.

How to avoid high gas mileage

Let’s start with the fact that the owner of the lawn mower should carefully monitor the fuel consumption, which is usually indicated in the operating instructions (usually about 0.5 liters per hour). In addition, it is necessary to use high-quality fuel and oil, as well as to eliminate all detected malfunctions in a timely manner.

  1. Fuel tank leaks are eliminated by replacing the cap, fuel hose and sealing gum. These parts cost “penny”, but it is recommended to select them based on the originals.
  2. Problems with the cutting part of the tool are solved with the help of timely sharpening of knives and the correct selection of fishing line in thickness and length.
  3. The fuel supply system will work perfectly if the chainsaw owner cleans the filters (air and fuel) in a timely manner, cleans the spark plug from soot, adjusts and adjusts the carburetor, and repairs the piston group.

We hope these simple tips will help you quickly detect and get rid of excessive fuel consumption on a lawn mower of any model.