Exclude Telegram messages for a day or a specific date interval

Telegram is one of the richest messaging apps in the resources currently available, and one of these resources that allows users to exclude multiple messages in one conversation for a day or a specific date interval. This tool allows users to exclude messages from a conversation by date and then exclude the entire conversation or manually search for specific texts.

Telegram has received several updates recently and it is clear that developers are trying to get it more than a full featured messaging app. Telegram also has a good reputation when it comes to privacy and security as it offers a variety of options including secret bats, self-destructive media, proxy servers and much more. Telegram also allows its users to exclude a message sent to the sender and recipient, by adding an additional privacy statement.

Telegram users can exclude any message by touching and protecting it and then the . to select Exclude option. They can specify whether the message will be excluded only for themselves or also for the other batter participant. However, it can get complicated for users to exclude older messages, so they have to go through bat-papo’s history and manually select the messages to exclude. This and when Telegram Calendar Resource comes into play, allowing users to exclude messages sent on a specific day or date interval, e.g. from April 1 to April 15.

To exclude various messages in Telegram, open a conversation with the contact and tap a chat date to access the calendar. The dates bar appears above the first post for a specific date and is available on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. When you click on the data bar, the calendar appears. The Telegram calendar has a simple design and users can click on any date to view messages sent and received on that date.

The Telegram calendar has one Select days resource, which only works for individual bats. When selected, the user can select specific data (from and above). After selecting the data, users can tap no Look at the history option to permanently exclude all sent and received messages during the saved data interval. A pop-up window will appear asking users if they want to exclude messages from other people as well. Users can also select Enable automatic lockout option, which, when activated, will permanently exclude all new messages sent to this specific contact in Telegram after a certain time.

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