Export contacts from Outlook on the webmail

Export contacts from Outlook.com to other email clients

Convenient location-independent access to your email from Outlook Mail on the web with any browser on any device. The same goes for your contacts. Outlook Mail on the web is part of Office 365, Exchange Server, and Exchange Online. Export or backup Outlook Mail to web contacts as a CSV file and then import those contacts into an email application.

The instructions in this article apply to Outlook.com and Outlook Online.

Export contacts from Outlook on the webmail

To export an Outlook Mail file to Web Contacts:

  1. On panel Navigation select People

  2. Select Check Export contacts

  3. On screen Export contacts select drop-down arrow Contacts in this folder and select All contacts

    If your contacts are organized in folders, select folder to export only the contacts in that folder. By default, contacts are saved in the folder Contacts

  4. Select Export

  5. File contacts.csv downloaded to your computer. Select a location for the file if prompted.

  6. Import your address book from a CSV file into an email program or service.

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