Facebook doesn’t know what to do with the data it collects

facebookThe company’s privacy engineers apparently admit that the company doesn’t know how to handle the user’s data. Privacy has always been a delicate issue for Facebook, with the company often being attacked for not doing enough to protect the user’s data from unauthorized access. The Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018 brought Facebook’s privacy issues into the public eye, it has since leaked several data breaches, exposing large amounts of user data to malicious agents.

One of the most significant Facebook data breaches in recent history occurred in the past year, when the personal information of more than 533 million Facebook users was published online. The data was 2019 and includes names, birthdays, locations, phone numbers and, in some cases, email addresses. The data breach was believed to be the result of an old vulnerability in Facebook and affects users in at least 106 countries. In addition to security concerns, Facebook’s privacy practices are also analyzed from time to time. The recent admission of the company’s engineers is likely to exacerbate existing privacy concerns for users.

A vassal internal document obtained by Plaça-mãe suggest that neither Facebook nor your company Meta knows how a large amount of data is used on its platform, where it is located indoors and who has access to it. The document, written not long ago by Facebook’s privacy engineers on its advertising and commercial products team, argues that the company does not have the necessary control over its user data to ensure that certain types of data are not used. † for specific purposes. “We cannot make political changes that are controlled by trust or outside compromises, such as ‘we will not use X data for Y purposes'”, read the document.

In accordance with the report, the document was created on Facebook to lay the groundwork for privacy regulatory compliance in Europe, US, India and other countries. As part of stricter privacy requirements for technology companies, regulators are insisting that certain types of user data should not be used for advertisements targeted to or shared with third parties. However, if the document is used as a basis, Facebook has little idea of ​​how it uses user data that cannot be legally compromised to comply with these regulations without a serious risk of “Errors and Deceit”.

In a message sent by email to Plaça-mãe, a Facebook portal, unless the document displays it correctly as it reads with the user’s data. In accordance with the voiceover, the company met “Extends processes and controls to comply with privacy regulations”, and it would be incorrect to claim that the legal requirements are not met. Meanwhile, privacy specialists are calling the document just proof that they are always sure of Facebook’s dubious privacy practices. In conversation with Plaça-mãe About the document, Johnny Ryan, a privacy activist and senior member of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, said the document shows that there is no data protection mechanism within the company. According to him, there is a book for everyone facebooke “Everything we do with our data is illegal.”

Source: Placa-mãe

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