Facebook shut down your podcast service after a little over a year

Just a year after launching your podcast service, facebook enters the company and closes its short audio platform. Last April, Facebook launched its podcast service alongside Live Audio Rooms and Stories called Soundbites. The company’s entry into the new market came as podcasts — and audio services in general — gained momentum, with the Clubhouse entrance promising to revolutionize the setting.

Meta has apparently been all-in on the audio market for the past year, signing deals with creators and sponsoring one of the largest podcast conferences in the country: Podcast Movement. However, despite all the positives and investments, the Meta podcasts business did not go as it had hoped, and the company’s interest did not wane significantly. As a result, Meta now focuses on the metaverso, which has received the most attention in the past year.

In accordance with a new account from BloombergIt will prevent people from adding more podcasts to Facebook this week before leaving the service for good on June 3. center no “Next week.” What’s the motive for what the company is selling two podcasts after just a year off the market, one mouthpiece says? a Beira that the decision is part of the company’s plans for: “Simplify our set of audio tools on Facebook.” They also suggest that the decision reflects the company’s efforts to offer it to its users. “The most meaningful experiences.”

After downloading two podcasts, the Soundbite and the Audio Hub, the only audio source left on Facebook is the Live Audio Rooms. I agree with Bloomberg, it will be integrated into Facebook Live, giving users the option to send with audio only instead of audio and video. The reporter also confirms that Facebook has no intention of informing users of its decision to stop podcasting on the platform. As a note to editors, the company said it would be up to them to notify them of the proposed cancellation.

His mother-in-law’s rebrand to Meta by the end of 2021 looks better facebookembrace of the metaverso. The company is also targeting cute videos as part of their plans to protect its social media platform from TikTok harassment. Embora Reels may not be as popular as the Chinese short-format video service, but it is still a huge success for the company. Recent reports suggest that he represents over 20% of the time people are on Instagram.

Source: Bloomberg, A Beira

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