Motoblocks are distinguished by high speed of movement, maneuverability and ease of control. Due to the shifted center of gravity, it is possible to reduce the pressure on the handle. These are features common to almost all Russian walk-behind tractors. In the proposed article, the reader will find out what are the differences between common units in the country.


  • a Motoblock Oka
  • 2 Motoblock Ugra
  • 3 Avant-garde of the motoblock
  • four Motoblock Agate
  • 5 Motoblock Forza

Motoblock Oka

This device is distinguished by a universal device that allows you to perform useful functions. Among the advantages, experts note:

  • the presence of a chain gearbox, steering column, adjustable in height;
  • wide range of speeds;
  • installation of additional devices from other units;
  • small sizes;
  • relatively affordable price.

The motoblock lends itself well to repair. Certified service centers located in Russia work with him.

Motoblock Ugra

This is the only Russian unit manufactured in accordance with European requirements. Thanks to the control system, you can stop it quickly and safely. The simple design allows you to perform all kinds of stationary work. The walk-behind tractor easily fits into the trunk of a car, while its disassembly will be minimal.

Avant-garde of the motoblock

It is a lightweight unit. Thanks to the innovative disassembly, it is stable, stable in operation, even when using low-quality gasoline. It can be used to perform any agricultural work, including a high level of complexity.

The manufacturer has added a Chinese-made power plant with a capacity of 6.5 hp to the design of individual models of the unit. All units of the model range are widely demanded by domestic buyers for their optimal dimensions, reliability and high performance.

Vanguard Benefits:

  • work in different climatic and weather conditions;
  • versatility and compatibility with all accessories;
  • the ability to purchase a full and partial version;
  • affordable price.

Motoblock Agate

It is intended primarily for the mechanization of heavy manual labor in agriculture. Thanks to the availability of all kinds of additional equipment, it is possible to perform almost any type of work. The units are equipped with economical engines, reliable connections.

The main feature of “agates” is the low center of gravity. This greatly simplifies the work.

Motoblock Forza

With this light and maneuverable machine, summer residents can perform all types of spring and autumn work. In summer, it can be used to mechanize hilling, loosening and mowing. And with the help of heavy-class models, you can transport goods and perform certain types of utility work.

Motoblocks greatly facilitate agricultural work. Due to the versatility of design and compatibility, such devices will be useful in their summer cottage, in a country house. The above models are leaders in the Russian market.