Festify For Spotify: this is how you turn your music into a festival program

Spotify has tons of tools/settings to customize your listening experience, and third party sites like Festify can help you take things to the next level. Since it takes years to adapt and develop, the current Spotify experience is great. It is full of custom playlists, robust podcast tools, exclusive music sharing resources, etc. While streaming services like Apple Music and Amazon Music have their own strengths, Spotify has clearly dominated the music streaming scene.

In addition to the main experience of the application, Spotify has also been successful in working with third-party services. Want to hear Spotify our high-profile Sonos, Alexa or Google Assistant? No problem! Want to share your Scouting activity with friends on Discord? Spotify covers you there too. And thanks to sites like Stats for Spotify and Obscurify, you can easily access your Spotify account and get comprehensive information about your profile.

Adding to this list is a site called ‘Festejar.’ Created by Rick Rieta and Tony Bui in 2017, the argument behind Festify is interesting. In accordance with the About Festify page, “Get your most listened to artists on Spotify and create a visual lineup so you can share them with your friends.” You can always use Festify, but especially during big festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, Festify is a fun way to create your own digital festival when the seasons are going on.

Getting started using Festify is quite easy. Go to Google (or any other search engine) for your phone or computer and search for ‘Festify’. It should appear as the first result, with the site correctly sending the URL starting with ‘salty-beach’. You may look like a random spam URL, but this is the site you want to visit. Once on the Festify site, click on ‘Sign in with Spotify’, enter your Spotify credentials and tap the green ‘Concordo’ button to access your account.

On the next page you can choose a period with Festify. This is the data of your Spotify audience that Festify analyzes. You can choose the past month, the past six months, or all the time. After you click on any two dates, Festify will show a program schedule for the festival with your name and all the most listened to artists. Your number one artist appears at the top, with your other schools below in order of most heard to or least heard. You can click the ‘X’ icon at the top to delete the image and view one for other data or click ‘Download’ to save the image and share it on social media.

And it is! If you visit the Festify site, you can come back later and use the site again to see an updated program. You can also click the ‘Sair’ button in the top right corner of the site to enter your Spotify cont.

Source: Festejar

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