Flag a friend on Instagram before (and after) posting a photo or video

Every day users share thousands of posts Instagram, and more people respond to these great posts with the ability to brand friends and other users. The way to upload photos or videos on Instagram is practically the same, the platform has added various resources including adding locations, albums, music and the ability to mention other users in posts. Now two users can also post together on Instagram. Meta’s social media platform has come a long way since its launch 12 years ago.

Instagram is popular for its two elements History and shipping costs. However, both are very different. While Instagram Stories only take 24 hours to disappear, Instagram posts will continue to queue as long as two users, less than they decide to archive them. Also, uploading a photo or video on Instagram takes much longer than uploading a story. Meanwhile, users like to upload new posts to Instagram for various reasons. You can wish a friend a happy birthday, support your favorite actor or create memories during a family trip.

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Users can mark their Instagram friends before and after sending photos or videos as messages. Assuming the user has an image or video to share on the platform, he or she must select it and press the set in the top right corner of the screen (Android) or tap Next (iOS). On the screen, users can apply any filter, edit photos or cut loaded videos. When done, the user should click on Advanced in the top right corner of the fabric. In the interface that opens, users need to find the “Mark people” guide and tap someone in the photo (or anywhere in the video) to enter the friend’s username. Then select your account and mark it by clicking on the set in the top right corner, or uploading an image or video as an Instagram post will reflect these tags.

To mark a friend after posting a photo or video to Instagram, users need to open the profile, go to a post and tap the three bridges in the top right corner of the post. Then click Edit. In the interface that pops up, users need to tap the “Mark people” option and then tap someone in a photo or anywhere in a video to enter the friend’s username. Finally, select the accounts to highlight them. When it’s done, the user has to tap on the set in the top right corner (Android) or in “Concluded” (iOS) and immediately. This way, users can go back to post and flag their friends or other people.

When users flag other people in a post, they get a notification. Also, Instagram limits hashtags in posts to 20 people. If a user marks someone with a creator or commercial account on Instagram, he or she can include the profile type by clicking the “Mark a category” option under the username. Instagram also clarified that if users fail to flag someone, they could have changed the account’s privacy settings, but the above method works for everyone. Instagram Android and iOS smartphone users.

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