Forward a single message from a conversation in Gmail

Send a specific email from Gmail in a few easy steps

Use the conversation view in Gmail to forward the entire conversation to the other person. However, the entire stream need not be included in the forwarded message. If you prefer to send only one message per thread, copy it and create a new email, or forward just that part of the thread.

Forward individual messages in a conversation

Conversation View group emails on the same topic in one easy-to-read thread. This makes it easier to see all messages answered under the same subject and with the same recipients.

To forward a message in a message thread:

  1. Select the conversation containing the email you want to forward to open the thread.

  2. Select the message you want to forward to expand it.

    If you don’t see the message you want to send, view each message in the conversation. Look to the left, below the first email, and select the circle with the number.

  3. Select Lake (three vertically aligned dots).

  4. Select forward

  5. in field To who enter the recipient’s email address.

  6. Edit the body of the email if desired.

  7. To change the subject field, select the arrow next to the To field and select change theme † Email appears in a separate window.

  8. When you’re done, select send

  9. Or choose forward to send an email. This option only appears in the last post in the thread. Use the steps above to forward all other messages in a conversation.

Turn off the Gmail conversation view to make it easier to find and forward individual messages. Then each letter will appear separately in your mailbox.

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