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  1. Are you trying to send a received email to someone else? That’s how
  2. Forward email from
  3. Forward emails with attachments
  4. Clear forwarded emails

Are you trying to send a received email to someone else? That’s how

If you receive a message from someone you think someone else might be interested in, please share that message. A quick way to share a message on is to forward the message to the people you want to share it with.

The instructions in this article apply to and Outlook Online.

Forward email from

Follow these steps to share email by forwarding it to other users:

  1. Go to inbox and select the message you want to forward.

  2. Select Additional promotions (3 points in the top right corner of the message).

  3. Select forward to open a new message with the forwarded email content.

  4. in field To who enter the email addresses of the recipients you want to forward the email to.

  5. Add a message to give the forwarded email some context. Type your message in the box above the horizontal line between the body of the email.

    It is good etiquette to include a message in a forwarded email. Include a message telling recipients why you sent them the forwarded email.

  6. When you’re done writing your message, select send

Forward emails with attachments

If the email you want to forward has an attachment, the attachment is automatically added to the new forwarded email. These attachments appear at the top of a new email and display the file name and type (such as PDF, DOCX, or JPG).

If you do not want to send attachments by email, select X in the upper right corner of the attachment window. This removes the file attachment from the message and leaves the forwarded message text in the body of the email.

Clear forwarded emails

The forwarded email may contain content that you do not wish to include, such as the email addresses of previous recipients. Clean up forwarded email by removing unwanted content.

For example, if you don’t want to include the sender’s original email address, look for the header of the previous message that lists this information. This headline information includes:

  • From † The person who sent the original email.
  • Sent † The date and time the original message was sent.
  • To who : Recipients of the original email.
  • To copy † People copied from the original post.
  • Subject † Subject of the original message.

Edit any information you don’t want included and send a message.

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