Free calls with Google Voice

  1. Use Google Voice to make free internet calls
  2. Types of Free Calls with Google Voice
  3. Sign up for Google Voice
  4. Using Google Voice
  5. Limitations of Google Voice
  6. Thoughts on Google Voice

Use Google Voice to make free internet calls

Google Voice (formerly GrandCentral) is the best way to browse the internet for free.

Google Voice is more of a “phone number management” service than a regular Internet service, but it does much more than let you call for free.

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Types of Free Calls with Google Voice

Google Voice can be used for free for PC-to-phone calls and PC-to-PC calls.

The easiest and most common way to use Google Voice is to let the service connect your phone to the destination number for free. You can use this free phone to make calls.

Sign up for Google Voice

You can sign up for Google Voice for free from your Google account, which uses the same information you use to access other Google services like Gmail and YouTube.

  1. If you don’t already have a Google account, sign up at

  2. Read and accept any terms or policies, then go to your Google Voice settings. Tab at the top of the page Phone numbers select CHOOSE

  3. You can then search for a number based on the area code. For example, type Atlanta, Georgia, and you’ll get all the numbers you can dial with the Atlanta area code. Select CHOOSE to the desired number.

  4. Then follow the step-by-step process to link your existing phone to your Google account so you can use your Google Voice number on your tablet or phone.

Using Google Voice

To use Google Voice for free phone calls:

  1. Sign in to Google Voice and click the button phone call left.

  2. Enter a name or number in the section phone call † Press the green button with the phone icon to have Google call the number.

  3. Google Voice will call your phone and link you to the number.

To use Google Voice to make free calls via PC, install the free Google Voice plugin and video chat, also called Hangout plugin † Once installed, you can make free calls from your Gmail chat or hangout space to real phones using only your computer’s microphone and speakers.

Computer-to-computer calls, commonly referred to as: voice chat or video conference can be done with Google Hangouts.

You can also use Google Voice from the mobile app. Official Google apps are available for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

Limitations of Google Voice

Free calls with Google Voice are limited to three hours, after which the connection will be disconnected. However, you can always call the same number as many times as you want, so this is more of an accidental annoyance than a real limitation.

It is also important to know that calling with Google Voice is free. alone when calling numbers in the US or Canada. Calls to numbers outside the US and Canada are charged a small fee per minute.

Calls from PC to Google Hangouts are unlimited.

Thoughts on Google Voice

We love Google Voice. We’ve been using it since it was GrandCentral before Google bought the company. Free calling is understandable and it is a very user-friendly service.

The mobile app we used on the iPhone is easy to use and works great every time we need it.

Unless for some other reason, some people are only given a Google Voice number to direct certain people or businesses to a number other than their main number. So if you sign up for an online service and need to enter your phone number, you can provide your Google Voice number so that all calls go there instead of your regular phone.

Since Google Voice supports voicemail, regular users as well as spam users can leave messages for you, and these are all collected in Google Voice and not in your regular phone’s inbox.

There are other ways to save on cell phone bills that are more reliable. Google Fi provides affordable and reliable cellular service.

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