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Choose from themes for everyone

Getting free desktop wallpapers and adding them as wallpapers can be a great way to completely turn your workspace from boring to fun.

The wallpapers below are all free and on a lot of different items. Whether you want to celebrate a holiday, nature or a celebrity, you can do it all with these free desktop wallpapers.

Don’t see the free desktop wallpaper you like? Find your own unique desktop background by visiting the best free wallpaper sites.


A big part of decorating for the holidays might just be changing your desktop background.

Find free desktop wallpapers for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.


This desktop wallpaper is all about flowers and you’ll find them in different sizes and colors in these breathtaking images.

These are the best of the best and they certainly won’t disappoint.


Always wanted to go to the beach?

All these wallpapers show the beach at its best. With all the white sand, crystal clear water and palm trees, you can’t resist downloading one of these wallpapers.

You can get even more wallpapers with tropical look with some ocean wallpapers for free.


Fall is a favorite time of year for many, and it’s not surprising.

You can celebrate this wonderful season by downloading free desktop wallpapers that show the true beauty of the world we live in.


This desktop wallpaper is just what you need to brighten up your computer desktop for spring.

Browse this spring desktop wallpaper for images of landscapes, flowers and animals.


Winter can be a great time of year and many of us would rather look out the window than go outside in the snow.

This list of free winter wallpapers for desktop features beautiful snowscapes that will really take your breath away.


This desktop wallpaper is reminiscent of warm weather, relaxation and summer fun.

There are some great scenes to choose from, but they all give you a little escape to a great place.


If you are a true romantic, you will love this desktop wallpaper.

When you add them in, you can almost smell those beautiful roses.

You can find even more of these beautiful flowers with 16 free red roses wallpapers that show only red roses.

hello kitty

Rejoice Hello Kitty fans because this is a great collection of wallpapers for your desktop.

Browse traditional and modern Hello Kitty images until you find the perfect wallpaper for your desktop.

The hunger Games

Here you will find free Hunger Games wallpapers for your favorite characters from books and movies.

This free desktop wallpaper is a great way to express yourself and your favorite Hunger Games character.

Salman Khan

Get your favorite Bollywood star Salman Khan’s desktop wallpaper.

Khan will light up your computer in these various studio and movie shots.

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