free dinosaur fonts

  1. Add some dino mite to your designs with these fonts
  2. Dinosaurs Dingbats
  3. Dinosaur Bats
  4. Dinosaur Dingles
  5. Dinosaur Text Fonts

Add some dino mite to your designs with these fonts

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

While you’re here, explore four categories of cool and free dinosaur fonts:

  • Dingbats – each character is an image of a dinosaur.

  • Bats – Dinosaurs are shaped like letters.

  • Dinglets – each letter or number is accompanied by a picture of a dinosaur.

  • Text fonts – not dinosaurs, but fonts will be a good addition to your dingbats.

Some of the fonts listed are for personal use only. This means you can’t use them for projects you’ll be selling or as part of your company logo, but they can be used on personal greeting cards and coloring books.

Dinosaurs Dingbats

Dingbat is a font made up entirely of images. It’s like a clip in a font. The fonts are black and white, no color. To get colorful fonts, color each character in your favorite drawing program.

  • 101! Color Fill DinoZ consists of 30 funny and scary dinosaur characters. As the name suggests, they are ideal for coloring. For personal use only.
  • 101! Cute DinoZ contains 29 beautifully drawn cartoon dinosaurs that stand, sit and lounge just like dinosaurs do. For personal use only.
  • ding-o-saurs contains silhouettes of 45 dinosaurs and reptiles. Realistic shapes, but nothing will stop you from coloring them all crazy. For personal use only.

Dinosaur Bats

Who knew dinosaurs were such twisters? Watch them rotate in the shape of the alphabet. Sometimes it takes two dinosaurs to make a letter.

  • lost world consists of 26 detailed characters that make up AZ. You should use them in larger sizes for the best look. Color them in your graphics software to get great photos. Commercial use is allowed.
  • KADinosob presents cute stylized dinosaurs that form AZ. Could have made nice caps in a dinosaur themed newsletter. Lowercase is a serif font. Commercial use is allowed.
  • KADinoslay is an italic font in the style of KADinosob. Lowercase is an italic serif font. Commercial use is allowed.

Dinosaur Dingles

With each of these fonts you have a font with letters and sometimes numbers. Each of them is decorated with or accompanied by an image of a dinosaur. Some of them, like the BillyBear dinosaurs, are identical, while others change dinosaurs.

  • DinosaursBeeline contains letters and numbers made from closely grouped leaves, with another dinosaur wrapped next to or around the letter. They look best in plus sizes to appreciate the details. Some punctuation marks included.
  • LMS Conradasaur takes its name from the author’s dinosaur-loving cousin. Each block letter contains one of three stylized dinosaurs. Color them in for a better look. For personal use only.
  • Dinosaurs Billy Bear – These are sketches of a dinosaur with a character in it.

Dinosaur Text Fonts

There are no real or cartoon dinosaurs here, but these fonts have something that feels like a dinosaur. At least the author gave them a dinosaur name. Use them in font sizes for your dinosaur themed greeting cards, birthday banners and web pages.

  • Jurassic Park gets its name and style from the famous dinosaur movie. For personal use only.
  • dinosaur has upper and lower case letters and numbers that resemble the armor on the backs of some dinosaurs. The font also includes handwritten punctuation marks. Commercial use is allowed.
  • Dinosaur Jr is a cursive font with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and some punctuation marks. Other than the name, it’s not clear why it’s a dinosaur font, but why not.
  • dinosaur skin should look like, well, dinosaur skin. You decide. Commercial use is allowed.
  • Caveman has carved letters in stone, in the style of a caveman. Hey, you know humans and dinosaurs didn’t really coexist, but that didn’t stop the Flintstones from having dinosaur friends.

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