Galaxy S22 series seems to be hampered by Exynos issues – here are some examples

and Samsung The recently launched Galaxy S22 series continues its flagship history with Exynos as users continue to complain about general malfunction, dust, camera and battery issues. However, the Galaxy S22 phones – especially the Ultra variant – are designed to offer high-quality hardware packaged in an attractive case with the promise of long-term software support.

But it looks like the internal processor will continue to secure Samsung’s drivers for more than a year, and this time the Exynos 2200 is on hold for the Galaxy S22 line. In less than a week, several users have been complaining about GPS connectivity issues on their Galaxy S22 Ultra, mainly affecting a variety of Exynos phones. However, more interesting ads seem to be coming from all directions.

Official Samsung User Community Forum Advertisements of random slowdowns, UI animations, strange error messages and overload. It is worth noting that Samsung has finally gotten some bruising on its phones and due to the limitations of updates but an update was launched a few weeks ago to correct it. There are also some posts on the forum documenting the establishment among the media to record video from Galaxy S22 series phones. In some cases, users try to put used apps to sleep with sufficient frequency, but the battery should last all day. Screen On Time (SOT) also seems to last more than five hours for some users. Now, dust time is a subjective test parameter, so using the phone for more than five hours a day may seem shaky, but similarly priced phones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max seem to offer better quality in even conditions. rule.

Affected users also expressed their displeasure with the Galaxy S22 Twitter† The situation is not much different Reddit everyone. Many Exynos Galaxy S22 users have written lengthy articles about issues such as battery life, user interface freezing and lag. The video shared by some showed a strange anomaly in the fabric, with a large bar of broken pixels appearing briefly on the fabric. However, it’s not clear whether this is due to a hardware failure in a small number of units or whether a software bug must be responsible. But the fabric seems to work poorly to watch videos, play them or even block the fabric.

So long, Samsung No official statement has been made on these questions, especially dust errors and deductibles. But the company has started a few days in Europe launching an update for the Galaxy S22 series of phones, where the Exynos variant is available for sale. The update also comes after the April security patch, but the changelog only provides vague notes about stability improvements. Some users shared that the battery life issues were resolved at some point after installing the update, but it’s not clear whether the dust and exhaust issues were resolved as well.

source: Samsung Community, Reddit, Twitter

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