Galaxy Watch 5 can’t go with body temperature medium, final

In accordance with a tweet from a widely trusted informant, SamsungThe Galaxy Watch 5 cannot be equipped with a thermometer to measure body temperature. The tweet contrasts sharply with an earlier report that confirmed the Galaxy Watch 5 would ship with a thermometer to help users measure their body temperature. The report also confirmed that Samsung has developed a new way to accurately measure body temperature using a smartwatch and that new technology could help users detect symptoms of COVID-19 at home.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be announced later this year and will be the successor to last year’s Galaxy Watch 4, which was launched to widespread positive reception from the media and consumers alike. The Watch 4 series marks Samsung’s return to Wear OS after abandoning it in favor of Tizen a few years ago. While it is hoped that Samsung will continue with Wear OS for its last-generation smartwatch line, there are rumors that the company will abandon the ‘Classic’ variant in its next Galaxy Watch 5 line. That would be in favor of a ‘Pro’ model, probably with additional resources and a much higher price compared to the Galaxy Watch 5 baunilha.

According to a tweet from the informant Ming Chi Kuo, the Galaxy Watch 5 cannot be affected by body temperature. According to Kuo, Samsung is facing some setbacks in implementing the new approach to its last-generation smartwatch and could stop it completely in this year’s models. I also confirmed that Samsung is abandoning the temperature mediation resource in this year’s models due to the difficulty of accurately measuring body temperature on the wrist. This happens because the temperature of the skin in the arm is affected by various external factors, such as exposure to extremely cold climates or direct sunlight, which can lead to inaccurate readings. A smartwatch requires a special algorithm rather than just hardware to measure body temperature, and that’s when Samsung faces a huge disappointment.

Kuo hasn’t revealed anything more about the upcoming Samsung smartwatch, but confirmed previous reports that the latest-generation Apple Watch could launch with the ability to measure body temperature. According to him, the Apple Watch Series 8 could come with a new summary “If the algorithm can meet Apple’s high demands for mass production.” This apparently confirms previous reports about Bloomberg e Wall Street Journal that Apple is working on a new source for its next line of smartwatches.

Time will tell Samsung will have access to the new source in the next Galaxy Watch, but even if it can, it won’t be the first smartwatch to work with a thermometer. Many smartwatches already include skin temperature sensors, including the Fitbit Sense, the Mobvoi TicWatch GTH, the Amazfit GTS 2e/GTS 2e, and many more. Likewise, the Whoop 4.0 fitness restorer and Oura Ring 3 also have integrated thermometers, which allow users to monitor body temperature.

Font style: Ming-Chi Kuo/Twitter

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