Get ready to spend “Zuck Bucks” and social media on Metaverso do Meta

Yuan The introduction of virtual currencies, currencies, tokens and NFTs is planned to drive the introduction of new digital data streams generated on Web3. When the company was also called Facebook, it launched a digital currency called Libra, with little success. Meanwhile, the company was forced to shut down all its cryptocurrency projects due to constant pressure from regulators.

Libra works like any cryptography operation running on the blockchain, but was renamed Diem after strong criticism from regulators. Diem was originally supposed to launch with a digital map called Novi, but regulatory pressures forced the project to be unveiled again. Unlike two new cryptocurrency projects, Facebook has a massive global audience of 2.9 billion people, and many of those who work with money have the potential to influence national and international economies.

In accordance with reports Financial times, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg plans to launch virtual currencies, tokens, business services and NFTs, and Meta could have found a way to overcome the government’s ever-growing barriers to its digital finance projects. The solution is to romp with the blockchain and create an application mode (called “Zuck Bucks” for users) that is not yet overseen by regulators. Wanting to access all the channels used on Web3, Meta offers Facebook and Instagram users NFTs, virtual currencies, rewards and much more.

esté Financial times The business models of Facebook and Instagram, which generate $118 billion a year, are at risk from competition from companies like TikTok, according to the report. The social media giant’s advertising engine is running out of green ink and companies are finding new ways to make money. Web3, the vision of digital asset ownership, is where most companies, like Twitter, are now building their future.

NFT platforms, such as OpenSea, manage billions of dollars in receipts, digital cards like Coinbase and Robin Hood are high and non-application modes and digital tokens are high in the gaming community. Meta seems to want to be involved in everything. The story describes how the financial arm of the company, Meta Financial Technologies, explores the virtual world of virtual currencies. The currency will not be verified in the blockchain, will not be decentralized, will be controlled by the company. Meta can also introduce”social token“oh”reputation token“This is given to users as compensation for contributions. Influencers can also win”maker’s money“Used to expand the word.

NFTs have been confirmed to be accessible on Instagram and Facebook where users can create, share, share and share them. Embora to Meta can plan to centralize the decentralized movement, the final vision is the same. If the real world is virtual, then Yuan I want to make sure the cash flow doesn’t return.

source: Financial Times

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