GM’s Ultium Energy Recovery System Helps Electric Vehicles Save Battery Energy

Gerais engines announced plans to equip their Ultium-based electric vehicles with a new heat pump technology that can increase speed, speed and charging rates. Despite all the environmental benefits, the one area where VEs are here is stability and effectiveness in cold climates. While manufacturers rely heavily on resistance pumps to draw battery energy to power the cabin, some modern EVs now use heat pumps for this purpose.

Unlike resistance pumps, heat pumps do not generate heat. Once there, they transfer heat from the source to the destination area using refrigerants as the transfer medium, such as air conditioners. Technology can be used to improve a vehicle’s power and speed compared to cars with comparable battery batteries. Tesla already uses the technology in many of its vehicles, including the Model Y, Model 3 and Model S Plaid, while Polestar uses Polestar 2.

In the press release on the second page, GM says all of its Ultium-based EVs will come with its patented reclaimed heat pump that will recover excess battery energy. “To feed the water and at the same time propel it to maintain the supply.” According to GM, Ultium’s energy recovery sources not only increase capacity by up to 10%, but also aid in a more efficient charge, receiving batteries before recharging. The Ultium platform also helps recover the thermal energy needed from a vehicle’s batteries, electronics and other powertrain components to access the cabin faster in cold climates than the typical pumps used in combustion engine cars.

As an example of the Ultium platform’s energy recovery system used in a production vehicle, GM says the Hummer EV’s “Watts to Freedom” resource helps pre-register your propulsion system so it can go from 0-0 in just about three seconds. 60.mph can accelerate. † † Doug Parks, GM’s executive vice president, said it was possible for the company to decide to have a basic EV architecture.

GM has already announced a bunch of new EVs that are already on the market or will be on sale in the next two years. That includes the Hummer EV, which was announced in 2020 and sold through 2024. Some of GM’s other electric vehicles include the Lyric, the upcoming Blazer EV, and Chevy Silverado that were announced a few months ago. Gerais enginesThe press release suggests that all of these vehicles will be equipped with new energy-saving technology, which would be good news for shoppers in terms of speed, speed and charging rates.

Source: GM

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