Good comparison Vivo X. Galaxy Z Fold 3: A comparison of the two good

esta Vivo X Dobravel A Vivo is the most recent player in the smart smartphone market and while there are still a handful of compatible devices, the biggest distraction is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. A Vivo is part of the BBK Electronics Group, which also owns brands such as such as Oppo and OnePlus. However, it operates independently of other brands and uses different designs and technologies available for its products.

Vivo phones are sold in many parts of Asia, including China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and the Middle East. It also sells phones in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe. While their phones are not yet available in North America, Vivo is an NBA sponsor and contracted NBA star Stephen Curry as a brand ambassador in 2017.

This Vivo X Dobrável Probably a late entrant in the category, but has several advanced means. It has a good design for indoor like Galaxy Z Dobra 3 But the dobrável system is considered more advanced, with a depth of less than 0.12 mm. That means that the keys are less visible than with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. However, the Samsung device has the advantage that it is water resistant. The Vivo X Fold has a curved storage fabric with a sophisticated camera inside and a giant cookie-shaped camera module on the back. This is in stark contrast to Samsung’s use of a flat cloth in a storage cloth, a fabric-mounted camera on the hard headscarf, and a film-shaped camera island on the back. Vivo is launching the X Fold in blue and gray, while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is available in solid, green, or silver.

OX Fold has a 6.53-inch overlay fabric with a resolution of 2,520 × 1,080 and an 8.03-inch inner fabric with a resolution of 2,160 × 1,916 and is covered with Ultra Thin Glass (UTG). Both monitors are painted in AMOLED with an ultrasonic digital image scanner on the fabric and a 120Hz update load, but the advantage of the internal fabric is that it is LTPO 3 type with an adaptive update load that needs up to 1Hz to save battery. The cover of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is smaller, measuring 6.2 inches with a resolution of 2,268 x 832 and an update rate of 120 Hz, while the main fabric is a AMOLED panel of 7.6 inches and 120 Hz with a resolution of 2,208 x 1,766. Have a digital image scanner mounted on one side. As for the malfunction, the good Vivo phone has an updated Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and custom SPU (Secure Processing Unit), while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has an older Snapdragon 888 chip. Both phones have 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB or 512 GB of storage.

The Vivo puts a lot of effort into cameras and the yard with Zeiss is clearly visible, with all lenses reshaped with Zeiss T* to reduce glare. The main rear camera is a 50MP f/1.75 sensor with OIS, side by side with a 48MP ultra wide angle camera, a 12MP still camera and an 8MP peripheral telephoto camera with OIS, 5x optical zoom and 60x super zoom. A 16MP camera is housed in a tamper recap and an internal fabric. The Galaxy Z Fold 3, on the other hand, has three rear cameras: a 12MP f/1.8 primary sensor with OIS, a 12MP telephoto camera with OIS and 2x optical zoom, and a 12MP ultra-wide angle camera. A 10MP camera is mounted on the fabric while the camera on the main fabric is a 4MP solution.

The OX Fold has a 4,600mAh battery with support for fast charging with a 66W battery and fast charging without a 50W battery, while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a smaller 4,400mAh battery with faster charging speeds with a 25W and 11W battery I wouldn’t. Samsung doesn’t include a charger in the box, but the Vivo phone comes with an 80W dual-door GaN charger. Samsung has S-Pen support in the Z Fold 3, but a precise one can be purchased separately. Both phones come with Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC and dual SIM, but only the Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers eSIM support. The good Vivo phone comes with Android 12, while the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes with Android 11 and has been updated for Android 12. Currently, the Vivo X Fold is only available in China, at a price of 8,999 euros (about US $1,412) for the 256 GB version and 9,999 ienes (about US$1,570) for the 512 GB version. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 starts at US$1,799 for the 256GB model and US$1,899 for the 512GB model.

The Vivo X Fold is the best in terms of fabric, camera and processing power. It also comes with a bigger battery, significantly faster charging, comes with an included adapter and is the cheapest. Unfortunately, like many of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 competitors, it is currently only available in China. Instead of Samsung’s better customers, it is widely available and a small amount may attract some users. Similarly, the IPX8 rating or waterproof tower and bus support is a more efficient device. Also expect the software update time for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 to be longer than that Vivo X Dobravel

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