Google’s Pixel Watch Won’t Save Wear OS

After years there will be letters of rumors and rumours, oh google The Pixel Watch looks like a real product launching later this year. As much as I’d love to see it be Google’s first Pixel-branded smartwatch, I’m also terribly concerned that it’s not the Wear OS savior that so many people expect. That’s no exaggeration when I say that the Pixel Watch has been rumored for years. Since the launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones in 2016, there has been interest in a Pixel smartwatch. Speculation is starting to boil, expectations are mounting and two more accurate tech providers from the internet are suggesting the Pixel Watch will be launched soon. 2018. But that never happened. And nothing has happened since then. Year after year, event after event, Google still hasn’t launched a Pixel Watch.

Then something went wrong. In April 2021, voter Jon Prosser confirmed that he had seen the Pixel Watch and confirmed that it was a genuine product being developed at Google. This was quickly followed by additional reports from specs and sources, possible core options, rumors of launch dates and – most recently – a real-world rendition of the Pixel Watch design. Combined with a silent update to the Google Store that introduces a new “Watches” page, it’s almost confirmed that there’s almost a Google smartwatch of some sort.

As a longtime fan of the Pixel (and a fan of the Nexus before that), the Google Pixel Watch’s perspective must have left me behind the walls. Ever since the Apple Watch launched, it’s impossible not to sound incompatible with what could be a wearable similar to Google. A smartwatch with software and hardware designed by Google, all integrated to work perfectly between you? Sign me up! But how much more do you think the Pixel Watch — and its position in the wearables market in 2022 — is less convinced than the Wear OS smartwatch we’ve been waiting for.

My biggest preference with the Pixel Watch is how it stands out or brings something new to the table. In the years without the Pixel Watch, many wear OS watches from LG, Motorola, Fossil, Skagen, TicWatch, and even Samsung with the recent Galaxy Watch 4. one smartwatch is identical to the Wear OS in another watch. Rumor has it that the Pixel Watch could have an updated integration of Google Assistant and Fitbit for physical conditioning, but is that enough to help the Pixel Watch succeed when other watches haven’t? Google is in a better position than any company to make the Wear OS look new and unique. However, it’s hard to imagine the experience going on question much better compared to other Wear OS watches that have been trying this for years. The Wear OS is still the Wear OS and, for better or for worse, that’s how Google uses Pixel Watch.

I was also working on the hardware of the Pixel Watch. One of the most surviving of the previous Wear OS watches had the processor. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear chips are generally slow, buggy, and have enough battery efficiency for a full day’s use. Google should avoid these problems with a chip designed by Samsung, preferably with the Tensor brand, as we see in the Pixel 6 and in the Pixel 6 Pro. But that step can come with their own problems. The tensor in Pixel 6 is problematic. As fast and responsive as Tensor is, it also introduces a series of bugs and tricks that Google has taken months to correct. Launching a first-generation wearable with a first-generation chip has all the ingredients to make a product even better, and that’s the last thing Google says.

But let’s just say the Pixel Watch has none of these issues. Let’s just say he made some nice and inventive changes to the Wear OS, a quick fix and no problematic software bugs. Excellent! But who is the Pixel Watch’s publicist? iPhone users will continue to use the Apple Watch and Samsung fans will continue to use the Galaxy Watch. So there is already more than 40 percent of the entire smartwatch market – the rest is consumed by Garmin, Fitbit, Amazfit and other brands. Google’s bid to enter the world of smartwatches in 2018 or 2019 is already going to be pretty tough. Trying to create a space for si in 2022 seems impossible.

This isn’t to say I’m not interested in the Pixel Watch. I’m really curious what Google does with it. But I think we should all enter the Pixel Watch with reasonable expectations. Not the end of the accounts, what we get is a Wear OS smartwatch. If you like Wear OS for all its strengths and quirks, the Pixel Watch should be quite captivating. But if you’ve tried Wear OS before and don’t like how it works, it’s hard to imagine Google Pixel Watch does something to drastically change the scene, even if it’s one of the two best Wear OS watches we’ve ever seen. I certainly hope google prove I was wrong, but even then I kept my expectations in check. And you probably should too.

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